Sunday, November 28, 2010

not the best scenerio

"I'm like the worst friend ever." Ian was still fretting over Derrick, giving him hope he'd get a part-time job at the library. He knew he was talking too much about his problems and not Amy's problem. After all, she'd called him. She did like to talk about herself, a lot, and her family. Usually, she was just angry about her sisters, but sometimes, they all bothered her.

"Would you stop worrying about him?" She snapped. "He'll find his own way. He hates everything, you know."

"No, he doesn't." Ian tensed.

"Obviously, you and I do not see the same person. I don't know what you're seeing, but he has a bad attitude. You should stop hanging out with him." Amy decided.

"You don't mean that." He sighed. He just wasn't there for her enough, evidently.

"Look, Mom wants me to stay here through Christmas, even if I don't want too." She told him why she called. "She talked to my teachers and they'll send me my assignments. She really wants us all in Boston."

Ian knew what she was expecting to hear, but he wasn't going to say how much he missed her and wished she was here because actually, he liked sleeping in his own bed, having his room back.

"Is it snowing?" He asked as if she should be happy.

"No." He could tell she was stressed.

"It was mainly ice rain here." He talked about the weather. Sure, he missed her a little. Yet, it was a relief to be away from her to. She really liked ordering him around and having him with her, for all her drama. He didn't want to be mean, but he thought she stressed him out too much even if she hadn't meant to. So now he decided to bore her.

"Will you come see me for Christmas?" Amy wanted to know.

"I-I'd like too." He guessed. "But you know, that gives me extra hours at the library." Was it awful of him to say that?

"You and that stupid library job!" She hung up on him.

Ian rolled his eyes. She wasn't the best girlfriend in the world.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I think it would be better for the both of them if they just broke up. :/

lucy and sarah said...

Too bad about Amy.

E.L. said...

Well, she was being pretty bossy there.

Krystal said...

she really isn't, haha :)

meg said...

I'm glad that's over. I hope.