Saturday, November 13, 2010

who's to know

There was a cold north east wind now. It was getting colder. Maybe even snow. Of course, Ravi only wanted to hug Olivia closer once they got home and in bed. It was a race to get under the covers. The cold put them in hibernation mode.

"I like Munro." Olivia smiled.

"Should I be worried?" He cuddled with Olivia kissing her bare shoulder.

"Ha, yeah, of course." She mocked. "You think of ever being a cop?" Olivia changed the subject.

"Never." It wasn't for him. "Maybe the investigating part." He had applied for a job working in the evidence room down at the city police station. He was having his doubts about it. It would be a long shot, but at least he'd applied. He could still take online classes if he got it. After all, he'd settled on a major now in criminal justice.

"I think Dora will make an excellent cop." Olivia nodded.

"Yeah, she's got the look, or either being a Dominatrix." Ravi grinned.

"Oh be quiet." Olivia gave him a playful slap. They kissed for quite a while. "Oh my god, Liz is gonna have Kip's baby." She pulled away and looked at Ravi.

"What if its Munro's?" Ravi was pulling for Munro on this one.

"I guess it could be." Olivia set back in Ravi's arms then.

"You know, really its not so much about who's it could be, but more who's gonna raise it." Ravi decided.

Olivia nodded. Two thing they weren't really all that worried about.


ivy's closet said...

They are so cute.

meg said...

I'm glad they like Munro.

Cafe Fashionista said...

It's good to see that everyone is getting along! :)

Em [the writer] said...

I want it to be Munro's....really badly.

Pearl Westwood said...

Hope he gets the job that'll be interesting!