Tuesday, December 7, 2010

more the merrier

"I think its nice you want to make gifts for Christmas." Asa brought Amanda a load of books from the library that might help her out with sewing.

"Its just, I'm not very good at this sort of thing. And I can't spend any money. You know, it would just be more expensive." She had her mother's sewing machine out in the livingroom where she was recycling something from old clothes she didn't wear, anymore. She'd already made an odd heart shaped pillow out of a floral maternity dress. Amanda made a face when he picked it up.

"You and Elliot having money problems?" Asa decided to ask.

"Well, who isn't?" She was matter of fact. "He doesn't think selling Avon is that big of a deal. Like its more trouble than its worth."

Asa listened. He picked up another of her projects, a huge head band made from the cuff of flared yoga pant leg. It was sky blue. He wished it were gray. But it fit.

"Just don't worry so much about presents." Easier said than done, he knew. "Is there something special Rosie has in mind?" He might could help.

"Everything. But Kyle set her down and told her she needed to keep her wants and needs under control. He'd be pissed if I went off the deep end and spent crazy on her. I never have. Its just all so depressing." She was giving up on the sewing. She threw the pillow toward the trash, but missed. Asa called dibs on the pillow then.

"Whats really going on?" He wasn't sure if it were entirely about Christmas presents.

"Elliot says, I'm-I'm spending too much time with you." Amanda stayed at arms lengths from him.

"Huh." Asa was puzzled. That didn't sound like Elliot. He bit his bottom lip. He had a feeling his mother had been talking to him. He would have figured as much... as they were not giving up on Asa and Rachel at church. "I'll just have to talk to him. I just thought since I'm working now, and all, it would not be an issue." He winced, thinking what was he saying. They were an issue? He and Amanda. It had to be Elliot's mother feeding him this crap about Amanda. "Look, once I find my own apartment, and they don't feel so obligated, everything will be better."

"Now, he's all greedy about that money he got from his parents. He's wanting a motorcycle." Amanda sighed.

"What? Him on a motorcycle? Are you kidding me?" Asa couldn't believe it. He'd seen him once on a motorcycle back in high school, and the bike almost ran out from under Elliot. It was so close to being an accident. Asa had never really trusted him on a motorcycle. "This time of year?" He couldn't imagine anyone wanting to be on a motorcycle in these kind of cold winter conditions. It wasn't subzero yet, but it would be. It was getting to feel like winter was setting in, already.

"I told him, he better get major life insurance if he was going to do something like that." Amanda was in a huff. "He's so afraid, I'm going to make him use that money on the house. Have you seen our kitchen floor? Kyle even said he could probably get us a deal from somebody he knew, and he'd put a nice tiled floor in, himself, but would Elliot listen to him? No."

"Just hang in there." He wanted to touch her shoulder, yet he was afraid too. Didn't want that freaking anyone out. A part of him wanted to tell her that he wanted to find someone just like her. Only, there was no one quite like Amanda. Asa hated to see her in such limbo. Was this really his fault or Elliot's?


Krystal said...

ohhh interesting situation...

meg said...

I dunno who's side to be on. Well, Amanda's. I think it would be difficult for her.

Sara Bentley @ Purses Pastries Etc... said...

Things are getting really confusing...
On a personal note, I love receiving handmade Christmas gifts, don't you? :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

Amanda's in a tough place. :/

the chirpy bird said...

Oh boy....veerrry veerrry interesting!
xx tash

lucy and sarah said...

I do know how it can be at Christmas. And well, I know guys like Elliot.

better days said...

That's definitely real life stuff. I hope she won't give up on sewing.