Monday, December 13, 2010

no thinking about it

Derrick couldn't do the job quick enough at Mrs. Pepperidge's house. She would pay him to clean the litter box. She'd neglected to say how long it had been since she'd cleaned it. It was a ridiculous job. He wasn't even sure he'd tell Ian about it. Was this what his life had came down too? Picking up kitty poo for a living? It was quite disgusting. He ended up bleaching her laundry room in the basement. He thought he might go unconscious. At least the three cats fled upstairs.

"Really, Mrs. P, don't you think three cats is a little much, at your age?" After all she'd had a hip replacement. She could barely make it up those stairs. Of course, she didn't give him an answer but handed him over two twenties. "I expect you back tomorrow."

Derrick just nodded. Damn, it was hard making money. He got back to the house and showered immediately. He couldn't have Ian smelling him with cat piss on him. He hoped he could keep the kitty litter under control. As it was, he was a little dizzy from all the bleach, but he managed to get to the library before it closed.

"Are you dressing up for someone?" Ian smiled.

"No." Derrick winced. He was decent enough and possibly had enough Axe on for the both of them.

"Look who's here?" Ian pointed to Josie who was waiting by the fish tank for her Mom.

"So." Derrick couldn't help but snarl a little. "Were you nice to her?"

"Maybe." Ian chuckled.

"You tell her now, your girlfriend is in Boston, and that she has to leave you alone." Derrick informed him.

"Is that what you did?" Ian glared at Derrick to come clean.

"Maybe." He hugged himself in his Navy pea-coat.

"She's so nice to you." Ian shook his head and went to turn out the lights.

"But I got nothing to give back. I don't." Derrick  called after him. "Why start something when..when you know, she'll just get hurt in the end." He looked back to see that Josie had already left.

"Everybody hurts." Ian said.

"I know, I've heard that lame song like a million times." Derrick stared at Ian as if he had to see he was right about this with Josie. He couldn't just lead her own.

"What if Amy and I went out with you and Josie? To the winter ball." Ian offered.

"No." Derrick shook his head. They headed for the cold then. Huddled together. It was definitely winter now. The sun was out, but the wind was sub-zero and the snow wasn't melting. Derrick felt the ice in his nose even in his throat. He walked as close to Ian as he could. If only he could tell him what he wanted Ian to know. "OK, if it'll make you feel any better, we'll go on this fuck'n double date." Derrick didn't have to be happy about it.


meg said...

Oh, Derrick. That last line made me laugh.

lucy and sarah said...

If Ian only knew.

better days said...

This'll be interesting.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I wish Ian knew what was going on. :/

She is Sara said...

I kinda feel bad for Josie!

It's a Girl said...

Ugh it is hard to make money