Saturday, December 25, 2010

nothing left wrapped

It was Christmas. Lon was still in shock to have the whole family together. Hannah wanted to take up more of his time than he'd planned, but it was OK. He was glad she wanted to spend time with him. It took him by surprise, actually. But then again, she'd wanted to make this trip to see him. It was like he was her new found toy, and he wondered when she'd get tired of him. However, he could not get tired of her calling him Daddy.

He'd expected her to want to be on the phone with her Mom, a lot. But she hadn't wanted to call at all. It bothered Lon that Hannah was this way.

"Is anything wrong?" Lon searched Hannah's big blueberry eyes wondering if she might be homesick a little. Reese told him that she didn't really go that many places. Just to the her parents and close cousins.

"No." But she was being quiet then. He wanted to touch the french braids that Ellie had done early this morning so she'd look Christmas picture perfect. He didn't want to mess her hair up. She was in red, but in a jumper and candy cane leggings so she could play in comfort.

"You and Mommy, OK?" He was happy she liked it here. They'd gone out and made a snowman before it got too cold, even a trip to the zoo that was only opened mainly for movies and the Aquarium and indoor exhibits.

"Guess." But she didn't sound so sure. He knew then she was upset that her mother was getting married. He  hit a nerve because before he knew it, she was crying. He gave her a hug. That's when she told him she wanted to come live with him.

Lon wasn't sure that was the Christmas present he expected. He didn't know what to say. He wanted her to know that he wanted her, but he didn't want to come between her and her mother, either.


lucy and sarah said...


glad she likes being there.

meg said...

wow. lots of developements here. especially for Lon.

lucy and sarah said...

Have a great Christmas! I'm glad Lon can spend time with his daughter.

better days said...

Wow, so much happening.

ivy's closet said...

merry! Merry! joy! JOY!