Thursday, December 2, 2010

worlds away

"We have too many baby things, don't we?" Syd said to Oliver. Thankfully, they were home now. They'd all been cramped in that small apartment of Eric's parents who were promising now that they would be finding a house soon. Hopefully, before a big snow. But they'd had a pot roast supper and lots to drink. Even an ice cream cake. Finally they were home with Oliver.

"No. Not at all. Its just lovely." Oliver stood very carefully in the livingroom, as to not bump into anything.

"Did Eric show you where you'd be staying?" She felt a little strange around him. He was much shorter than Eric, but then again, Eric made everyone feel short. At the moment, Eric had to go to the group home about something, so they were alone. "I guess, you really wanted to stay at Kayla's, didn't you?"

He had to think about his answer, she guessed. Oliver was rather shy. She gave him Evan to hold because she had to go and check on Ella, who was crying.

"Ha, uh.." His voice carried from downstairs. "I think he might need a change." But he wasn't there when she got back with Ella. Oliver was already at the changing table, downstairs with Evan.

"You don't mind, do you you?" He asked.

"No." She watched. He was very careful.

"Much easier than those grownup nappies." He put the icky pamper in the trash and cleaned him, to  make it all better with a new pamper. He talked about the old folks home he helped out with.

"Is that the kind of work, you're after?" Syd asked then.

"Not really. Kitchen help mainly, I guess, but you know, accidents happen, so I helped. Not entirely professional in anything." He shrugged.

"Hope you find something you like." She smiled then. "Look, some friends, helped, with setting you a room up, above the garage. Eric thought you'd like your own place."

"What?" He seemed to be caught off guard. "That wasn't necessary. I mean, I-I think Kayla is expecting me, you know." He hugged himself as if he didn't know what to think.

"Its not exactly an apartment. But its got a shower and a place to go to the bathroom." She got a key from the desk drawer. "Go take a look. You might want to relax. I'm sure you're tired."


Krystal said...

that was nice of them!

Holly said...

Really, I'm glad he has a chance to be with them.

Cafe Fashionista said...

What a sweet gesture on their part!! :)

ivy's closet said...

This was a sweet thing to do. Give him his own space.

Jasper Hale fan fic said...

Aw, I love it.