Friday, February 18, 2011

monsters, inc.

At least, Derrick's nose wasn't broken, but it felt like it. There was an intense pain, and he had to wonder if he were asking for it.

"No, you were not asking for it." Ian was certain of it when Derrick got settled back in his room at home. "She- she should have hit me."

Derrick swelled with tears, but he promised himself he wouldn't. After all, the school had expelled Amy. She'd have a record now for her outburst.

"But its a little harsh, don't you think?" Derrick choked wondering if she were so bitter to make things worse for him in the future.

"Schools have to act on this stuff, you know. Remember that shooting last month?" Ian held a gaze at Derrick and pushed Derrick's bangs back. "You do something bad, they're gonna watch you, like a hawk now." Ian told him. "They have to do more than warn you."

Derrick had heard  how someone had shot the principal at a nearby school when the senior had been suspended and came back with his Dad's gun.

"You think they'll make her stay all night in jail?" Derrick winced.

"Possibly. It was an altercation. Maybe just juviee." Ian shrugged.

"Honestly, I never ever said anything to her. I didn't. I thought she'd moved, for good." Derrick felt like putting his hand over his nose ..just because the pain still throbbed. He was tired now.

"So did I. Look, she'd mentioned the dance to me. I just wanted to forget the phone call." Ian shook his head. "Its all my fault. All my fault."

"Stop saying that." Derrick grimaced.

"We were having fun, you know. Just the two of us at the dance." Ian smiled. Derrick wondered what Amy would have done if they'd danced close. Derrick didn't think it would really freak that many people out. There were other couples like themselves there..

"It was working out good." Derrick thought so. "Josie seems pretty cool with us."

"Think so." Ian nodded. He laid next to Derrick, who thought maybe the four of them could maybe go out again. Neal didn't have his driver's license.

Ian set up and looked at Derrick's shelf of DVDs. "You want to watch something?"

"I guess." Derrick felt as if the pain meds were finally kicking in. He was sleepy, but not that sleepy. "I'm always up for Monster, Inc. when I feel bad."

"Sure." Ian popped it in the DVD player. He got situated again. This time he held Derrick's hand. It was a comfort, but these were the only monsters Derrick wanted to watch. He didn't want to have to face them in real life.


cady said...

This was really sweet. I like that they're watching animated movies together.

Krystal said...

let's hope she's not crazy!

Lux and Stan said...

Hopefully, all will be well now. Yeah, I like that movie too.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Here's to hoping that nothing crazy arises from this situation. Derrick and Ian are in a good place right now. :)

lucy and sarah said...

I'm glad Ian is there for Derrick.

molly said...

Aw, that was sweet.

Em said...

Awww Monsters Inc <3 that can cheer everyone up.

Comewhinewithme said...

I like the style:-)

Yesha said...

Monster, Inc. SUPAH LAVET. :D

Aury said...

Oh dear, what a difficult situation. He must be feeling so much more about them.