Saturday, February 12, 2011

now that you know

Ian wasn't sure what to say when Amy called. Things like, don't you remember we broke up, came to mind. He was sitting there in his room by Eric's old computer, working on some paper for English.

"I thought we could do the Valentines Dance," Amy said. "I'm in town. It'll be like old times. And you know, its my senior year."

"Sorry, I'm taking someone." He told her. His skin flushed then because he really didn't want to get into Derrick with her. The less said, the better. "You'll probably-"

"Who? Who are you taking?" Her voice was so demanding. He didn't want confrontation. He didn't. But he didn't want to go out with her, either and let her boss him around.

"Why do you need to know?" He squinted hard and gritted. It wasn't that he wanted to hide Derrick from her. It wasn't exactly a secret. Kids saw them together at school. They knew. But then again, they weren't walking around holding hands, either.

"Why can't you tell me?" Her voice was so cold and suddenly, he felt he was about to plunge into deep waters or fall off a cliff.

"Because, you probably already know." He didn't want to give her an inch. He'd dreaded this phone call for so long, but now was the time..even if he felt a little queasy in the process.

"You and Derrick." She pressed. "What a joke."

"But it isn't." He found himself smiling. "Its no joke, Amy." He sighed then and hung up.


Yesha said...

Is it going to complicate things? Hmm. Just wondering.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Amy should be more understanding. :/

ivy's closet said...

Oh, no..she doesn't sound happy.

molly said...

That would have been a blast from the past.

Em [the writer] said...

Ugh more sensitive!

better days said...

Well, I think he's getting his confidence about being with Derrick.

cady said...

I like how he handled that a lot.

meg said...

I'm glad he was brave.