Friday, February 25, 2011

switching it up

"This sucks big time." Derrick was stomping around the empty room that used to be Elliot's study. Ian was waiting for him to bring on the F-bomb any moment with a horrible rant how he got the shaft in all of this.

"You'll be moving out, anyway, to go to college." Ian unloaded a couple of boxes in the room. Derrick rolled his eyes and looked away. He would be here for two more years. That was far away.

"I have to be downsized to a twin bed, you know." Derrick was steamed.

Elliot was getting his room back while Asa and Amanda were getting the basement.

"I HATE THIS! I FUCKING HATE THIS!" He finally screamed.

"You feel better now?" Ian watched him.

"Kind of, but not really." He sat down on the bare floor then. "God, I loved my queen sized bed. I really did, Ian."

"Yeah, it was pretty awesome." Ian agreed as he sat down next to him. "But I have just a twin bed too."

"I dunno if I can last in here." He looked around the room as if he were doomed.

"When my Dad was growing up, his dad would only keep sardines and other horrible things around to eat, just hoping my Dad would leave home. Speaking of which, I think he just got a sleeping bag the summer after he graduated. My Dad went into the Air force. It was like freedom to him." Ian shrugged.

"God, I'm not joining the military." Derrick winced then.

"I didn't think you were." Ian couldn't help but chuckle.

"You wouldn't, would you?" Derrick was serious.

"I hear its not so easy to get in, lately, but no, the military is not for me." Ian shrugged.

"God, I feel like I'm in a closet." Derrick moaned with a sigh.

"You got a window. A real window." Ian reminded him. "Lets just get a bed  before you put too much of your other stuff in here."


The Blonde Duck said...

LOL. "I'm in a closet!"

Krystal said...

so they are all moving in together?!

ellie said...

Yes, they are altogether now.

ivy's closet said...

Well..someone had to sacrifice.

lucy and sarah said...

Wow, I kind of feel bad about Ian's dad, but its cool they talk so much too.

Through My Eyes said...

The whole fact that this post was interesting enough leads me to think of what is going to happen next

better days said...

I'm glad Ian is helping Derrick with this transition.

hollyoaks fan fic said...

Derrick is a bit of an overactor..but still, I'd be mad too.

Yesha said...

They just need to look on the bright side.