Thursday, March 17, 2011

coming around

"He's there?" Eric's Mom was frantic, yet she was glad to hear that Ian was at his house.

"I guess, they decided to take a trip down to the university." He eyed Ian then, thinking it was the only white lie he could  actually come up with. As it was Derrick was in the floor playing with Evan. It was harmless.

"He ditched school, Eric. The dean called. I tried his cell. He wouldn't answer." She was very upset. Then suddenly, it was all about how Ian thought she was trying to replace his mother, and it went on from there.

"Did you have a fight with Mom?" Eric asked him as soon as he got off the phone with her.

"No." Ian winced.

"She thinks this is all her fault." Eric gave him a dead stare.

"What? No?" Ian sighed. "Of course, not."

"Well, quit making her think it is. You could spend some time with her, you know." Eric crossed his arms. "So did you go to the Uni?"

Ian nodded, but Eric wasn't sure he believed him.

"What's up, then?" Eric knew something had to be, or why would he be here.

"I kind of want to talk to you." Ian shrugged.

"OK." They could go somewhere private. He still didn't know why he had to bring Derrick along, but Derrick said he'd watch Evan. Syd was out buying groceries and Ella was asleep. So they went into the kitchen.

Eric leaned there on the kitchen counter and waited for Ian to spill it.

"We did it." It sounded as if it took a lot out of Ian to say it. Eric supposed this wasn't about fixing up a car for Derrick.

"Did you?" Eric said just as generic back to him. "Was it just what you hoped, it would be?" In Eric's head, he wanted to scream. "How could you! You know, you were suppose to wait!" But he remained even lipped and calm.

"Yeah, it was." Ian didn't smile though.

"You didn't use the word, love." Eric put it blunt. "Maybe it really wasn't all that."

"Don't judge me. I do love him." Ian squinted hard. "How old were you?"

"This isn't about me. And..well, its a different sort of virginity. Now isn't it?" Eric gave him a stare. "Did you have too?"

"I - I didn't want Dad to think I was faking." Ian told him.

"Faking?" Eric wanted to laugh. What was wrong with his little, brother?

"Yes, I if everything I've been faking, until now." Ian nodded. He grabbed a snicker doodle from the cookie jar. Eric thought he knew what he meant. Maybe, this wasn't so bad. He did want his brother to stay true to himself.

"Well, at least you haven't lost your appetite. Just be safe. All right?" Eric watched him eat. He decided to have one too.

"I was thinking," Ian said. "You and Oliver should both be there when..when I tell them."

"What? Is this a party?" Eric slightly teased.

"No. Its not a party." Ian took another cookie.

Eric ate the cookie with satisfaction. He liked the idea that all three of them would be there. He really did like being a big brother.


Krystal said...

That will be interesting, whey he tells!

The Blonde Duck said...

Now I want a cookie.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Sometimes telling the truth can be hard. :/

lucy and sarah said...

I like their conversation. Sometimes, we wonder why we need other's approval, after all.

meg said...

Sometimes, brothers are a lot more important to you than you think they are.

ivy's closet said...

Ian certainly has a lot on his mind. I hope he won't forget his step-mom because she seems to care about him.

molly said...

I think they've hit a mile stone, hopefully.

better days said...

I hope they remember Eric's Mom in all this.

She is Sara said...

I think this was a big step :)