Monday, April 4, 2011

best friend


Sam hoped it wasn't obvious, but he needed Elliot. Of course, he seriously thought Elliot needed him more.

Funny, he thought high school friends would be forever. Even college friends more. Now here he was, and it was back to square one. He felt a little lost. It was hard to be the brother he was suppose to be to Kyle, especially when he'd never been a very good one.

Since Elliot and he were in the same boat, kind of...well...

"We should go out." Sam thought he needed cheering up.

"I dunno." Elliot looked tired as if he didn't know what fun was anymore. "I can't go to a club with you."

"Did I say that?" Sam winced with a laugh.

"No dates." Elliot had a list to go by.

"Yeah. Of course." Sam shrugged there in the teacher's lounge where they met at the afternoon break. "How about a good steak?"

"Steak?" Elliot gave him a serious look.

"Yeah, food. I know a little place. Its Italian, but they make amazing grilled steak. Rare. Medium. Even well done. Can't go wrong." Sam suggested.

"But, shouldn't you be ...on a date. Or something." Elliot winced.

"Don't wanna. Not like I'm really able to be somebody's Valentine." Sam had forgot all about Valentines day. What was that..anyway?


"Why not?"

Elliot bit his bottom lip.

"Why not." Elliot sighed.

"Great." Sam smiled. First step in talking him moving in with him.


Freddi Kelly Marsh said...

Thanks !
Btw, what the aim of this blog? I mean, is it you who write stories with characters from series?


The Blonde Duck said...

I always thought my hs friends would last forever too.

ivy's closet said...

Maybe, Sam knows a little bit more about being a friend now, than he did.

lucy and sarah said...

Elliot definitely needs company. Friendship would definitely be a good thing for him.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Being a friend can be a confusing thing. :/

Cuppykirsten said...

Thanks for your reaction to my blog! I got the stars on with some sticky facial cream and a Q-tip, and then push them to the skin carefully :)

Good post!

With love, Kirsten

Cait said...

I love this bromance!

Lux and Stan said...

Cait's so funny..

Yeap, they are definitely in some sort of bromance.

meg said...

I'm with Cait on this one.

Pearl Westwood said...

I love where this is going!