Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I thought it would be easier

Asa found himself boiling water in the kitchen. Kyle had already picked up Rosie. He was going to keep her a few days while they hashed this out. Hopefully, it wouldn't take days. Kyle had kind of scared him when he said he'd have the rest of the week to figure out what to do.

How bad could this be?

All right, he really thought the shit would have hit the fan long before now. Everything, was kind of a stale mate. Except he and Amanda. That was great. For the most part. Although, it bothered him a bit about her being pregnant and sex. Maybe that was just wrong. Just wrong. He felt bad about that.

Anyway, he'd make pasta, and not dwell on that fact.

"But I ordered Chinese." Amanda told him there was no need for him to work so hard in the kitchen after a very long day.

"Oh." Still he felt he should contribute something here. He wasn't sure what. But something. Before he knew it, the food was here. He went to pay for it. It was the least he could do. Finally, Elliot arrived with ice cream cake from Dairy Queen.

"What's that for?" Asa looked at him as if none of them needed a gazillion calories.

"Oh, you know." Elliot smiled.

"I did my last day of student teaching." Amanda reminded him as she put out plates and forks.

"Oh, I knew that." Asa gave her a silly smile. He probably would have kissed her if Elliot hadn't been around.

Finally, they sat down to mixed vegetables with chicken and fried rice. There were extra egg rolls. Seriously, though, Asa couldn't eat. It was all so quiet. Going through the motions.

"I was thinking-" Asa started near the end of their little silent dinner.

"Wait." Amanda looked at him. "I didn't tell him." She looked at Elliot. Asa looked at Elliot.

Asa waited. Wondering if it were a surprise or not. He guessed not. He thought  he might faint as he watched Amanda's lips move. He felt as if he were losing air. Was it true? What she said? What did she say? Exactly?

"I know, its yours. And..and we should try to work it out." She sighed. "But-but what if it doesn't work out?" She looked like she might be in tears about it as she looked at Elliot.

"I guess, well..we could just leave everything alone." Elliot said rather quietly. "I could-I could just move out." He nodded.

Asa felt troubled. He knew who should go. He knew it was him. Not Elliot.

"No." Amanda grabbed Elliot's hand.

Asa watched, it was settled. He had no business here. He crossed his arms.

"I want you stay. I want you close. Its just-" She sighed. "If there's a chance something could go bad between us, I want Asa here." She fidgeted a bit then. She looked at Asa.

"Fine." Elliot sighed. "But at least take the bedroom, will you. You shouldn't be in the basement. I'll be just fine in the guestroom."

Asa looked at Amanda. He guessed nothing was going to change. Not until July.


The Blonde Duck said...

If it was a pie, I'd be a goner.

Lux and Stan said...

I feel bad for Asa, yet maybe I feel bad for Elliot. I guess, too.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I empathize with both of them right now. :(

Krystal said...

will be SO interesting to find out what happens with them..

lucy and sarah said...

between a rock and a hard place..I guess.

ivy's closet said...

Such mixed feelings!

meg said...

Poor Asa. Amanda better decide.

ori said...

Amanda has to know she's fortunate in this situation.

Em [The Writer] said...

Love the new header! Elliot is being really sweet right now.