Saturday, May 28, 2011

does anyone else have this problem?

"Well, I like weddings." Roger confessed. Wasn't like there was one to go to everyday. He was wearing white. Really, Amber felt under-dressed for such an occasion. She was in a strapless summer floral dress that she'd thrifted. But here they were for the festivity. The whole town seemed to have turned out. Policemen were there. Other businessmen. Honestly, she didn't think that many people knew the bride and groom.

She turned to see Doyle with his boyfriend. She couldn't help but stare. Seriously, she wanted to take a step back into the crowd, hoping no one would see her. But then again, she had to wonder what Roger would do if he saw them.

Then she looked back to see Kyle was with someone. She blinked to be sure. He was with Doyle and his significant other along with a female who...she didn't think she looked Kyle's type, at all. She was, different. She imagined the young woman to be on the police force or something. There was just this hard edge confidence about her.

Amber was starting to sweat. She looked at the alter, when would this damn wedding ever start. She looked down to see Roger take her hand. Had he done it out of his love for weddings or was he trying to make a point, that things were better than ever between them?

As it was, they hadn't talked about how things weren't exactly working. He was not perfect, yet he always had to bring up her imperfections. How she never cooked anything right. Or had she gained weight? Then again, he would come back with that he was just kidding. Couldn't she take a joke?

Why was it like this with him? Always wanting to be critical, tearing her down, then wanting to make up. It was like a tape on rewind. Same out come, even in different situations.

"You're sweating," Roger whispered.

Amber gritted. The organ started to play. She kicked Roger in the shin then. Really, she possibly hated him as much as she loved him.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Love/hate relationships are always eventful! :P

better days said...

Oh, they might not last long.

lucy and sarah said...

What a way to start the wedding.

Lux and Stan said...

This is what its like, sometimes. It can't always be perfect.

molly said...

It might be time to break up!

Mimi said...

uh oh... :/

<3, Mimi

Through My Eyes said...

Oh goodness, not really the way to kick off a wedding.

cady said...

It made me laugh.