Thursday, May 12, 2011

hanging out

"Do you think it was much of a surprise?" Eric asked Oliver after he and Kayla got there, and they jumped from behind hiding places and shouted surprise when  they walked in.

"I don't think wedding showers and birthdays are the same." Oliver already had his New Castle opened and was out back with the guys in what was left of the cool spring air where the smoke from the pit fire smelled of some amazing grilled food.

"Did you look at that table of gifts?" Eric thought it was more of a birthday party than a wedding shower. The girls were off doing some silly wedding shower game. Eric's dad was there along with Kayla's. It was kind of odd. But then again, Syd was having to entertain the mothers.

"Oh, those are for us?" Oliver acted oblivious to any of it. He didn't go out of his way to say much to Kayla's Dad who was nursing a beer too. Oliver let out a great big yawn.

"You seriously need a bachlor party." Eric sighed.

"No. Please. I definitely don't want to relive THE HANGOVER." He looked at Eric, sleepily.

"Dad here along with Kayla's dad, have just gotten tickets for you a cruise." Eric slapped Oliver on his back to wake him into shape.

Oliver looked at his Dad startled. Kayla's father too.

"Are you serious?" Oliver let out a scowl. "A boat? I have to get on a silly boat now?"

"We're going to make a traveler out of you yet, Oliver." His Dad smiled. He gave him some material on the honeymoon.

"I'm just saying, shouldn't Syd and Eric take a vacation, or something. I don't know if I can take this. Really, we were just going to take a drive, to the coast."

"But why not fly, Oliver?" Eric joked.

Oliver gave him a weak smile. They heard laughter coming from the livingroom. They were missing all the fun. Eric followed Oliver. It looked like they were in time to see who could make the best toilet paper wedding dress.


Krystal said...

too bad he's not more thankful, he sounds lucky!

Cafe Fashionista said...

What a fabulous group of people - I would love to be friends with them myself! :)

simon and josh said...

Oliver is so timid...hope he won't be too ungrateful...

lucy and sarah said...

What a party. Sweet.

ivy's closet said...

Oh, a little!

O V said...

Hopefully, Oliver feels very included now with his family.

simon and josh said...

Oh, Oliver needs to embrace the situation!

Winnie said...

That's really sweet, a free holiday? Brilliant!