Friday, May 20, 2011

like a good neighbor

"I think Amanda wants to meet you." Doyle said to Finn when he got his cell with her. They were actually grocery shopping. Doyle supposed everything was going good between them. Even the sleeping arrangement. Doyle had his room. Finn had his. Even so, Finn possibly spent more time in Doyle's room than his own, but Doyle wasn't going to question it. He knew a relationship meant baby-steps. And they were taking small steps.

"Amanda?" Finn drew a blank. He grabbed an organic breakfast cereal. Doyle shook his head, no. Seriously, they didn't need to go to a fancy grocery store. These days it meant gas to get there. Then to pay the high prices.

"I've mentioned her before." Doyle told him.

"Oh, that Amanda." Finn guessed then. "You went to high school with her."

Doyle looked at their basket. They were getting plenty of cereal.

"Are we having company?" Doyle pushed the cart along.

"No, not yet. I just think we should be ready." Finn was studying the ingredients on a box of instant oatmeal.

"For what? 2012 and the world ending?" Doyle shrugged.

Finn looked at him seriously as if that was absolutely what he was doing. Food for survival.

"We might have some people from the church, come stay with us." Finn sighed.

"What? Homeless people?" Doyle suddenly felt a little weird about it.

"No, these are people, just part of a revival. Some guest speaker." Finn, put in the box of instant oatmeal.

"Oh." Doyle wasn't aware of that. The church had been a great place to go, and he had a place for his music. He liked the pastor and his wife. He'd been skeptical at first, but he felt good about it now. "I didn't know."

"Well, its kind of a surprise. They don't even know who's coming, but they asked if I could help out. And I said I would. Of course, that was months ago ..when I was alone." He told Doyle.

"So what does this mean? I'll be sleeping on the couch." Doyle wanted to know.

"Of course not." Finn winced. He gave Doyle a sly smile then.

Still Doyle was a little fuzzy how it would work out. Doyle was just a bit anxious about this. He had to admit that he liked just the two of them together. Three could possibly be a crowd.


The Blonde Duck said...

Love the state farm reference.

ivy's closet said...

I'm glad they aren't rushing into anything. I do wonder though, how it'll work out with an guest around.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm not sure if this is the greatest idea. :/

Lux and Stan said...

Oh, the things that'll happen this summer.

lucy and sarah said...

I hope this is a good thing.

caitlin and megan said...

What a way to spring it on him.

Pearl Westwood said...

Three can definately be a crowd!

Through My Eyes said...

unexpected, all i can really say