Saturday, May 14, 2011

little thoughts racing by

Amber made Roger a plate before all the food was gone. She felt a little lost here. Not quite un-welcomed, but still an outsider. Perhaps, it still all had to do with her and Roger hooking up.

She'd over heard Lon talk about Kyle and how he wished he'd made it to the party. It wasn't like Kyle even knew Oliver or Kayla, but then, neither did she. Still, she found herself wanting to know about Kyle. She did miss him. Was he seeing anyone...yet?

Amanda had stayed with her, for the most part. But she didn't have any answers about Kyle. She guessed he was OK.

"Why do you care?" Amanda asked at one time while they were watching some of the couples play Newlywed Match game.

"I-I-don't." Amber felt uncomfortable now. She wanted to figure this out.  Maybe. As if she could, she might be the better for it. Some how. They hung out for a while, but then she went up to Syd and Eric's with the food for Roger who had helped babysit.

"Its just nonsense." Roger woke her up to the fact that if she invested all her time on trying to figure out the past, there might never be a future to think about. "Stop worrying about what you did and didn't do. It doesn't matter." Still he sounded so cold about it. He went back to eating the left overs.

Finally, he chuckled as they sat out on the porch steps in the chilly night air. It had rained during the end of the party. Things felt almost like winter, again. But she didn't mind sitting here with Roger.

"What's so funny?" She looked at him wondering what there was to laugh about. She felt she had to be serious, around Olivia. Even Amanda.

"That Charlie is one funny little kid." He slid more potato salad on his beans and took in a mouth full. He told her how he stayed with the older three, while Syd's Mom stayed in the nursery with the babies. "He loves to aggravate that girl of Lon's. He kept calling her Hiennie instead of Hannah. You could just see the mischief popping out of him. I don't know how you handle something like that. I know, he's just a toddler, but he thinks he's 17. He already knows how to torment that Hannah. I wonder if I'd been that bad if I'd had a sister?"

Amber tried to smile. Hopefully, Charlie made him want to rethink, having kids, any time soon.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Sounds like kids are definitely growing on him! :)

lucy and sarahh said...

That made me laugh about Charlie.

ivy's closet said...

Amber is good to Roger. I liked his story about Roger.

molly said...

I think they are getting along better.

meg said...

Amber is sweet to him. I want to like Roger..I do.

Through My Eyes said...

Lots of hopeful things I see in their future.