Wednesday, May 4, 2011

waiting for brilliance

"I couldn't order a wedding dress online." Kayla looked at Syd as if she were out of her mind.

"No, no, I just wanted you to look at this Vera Wang." Syd was trying to show her what she could see of the style of it on the netbook she'd brought with her to their lunch. which ended up being in the library breakroom.

"Yes, of course, its beautiful." Kayla looked a bit bewildered.

"It really doesn't have to be a brides maid dress, for me." Syd shrugged.

"You're the matron of honor." Kayla winced as if there was a difference.

"Its just." Syd hesitated. "It could be something I could use... than, just one occasion."

Kayla sucked in a breath.

"Besides, I've got  the wedding shower to think of." Syd looked at Kayla who hadn't even taken a bite of her mega greek salad that Syd had brought her from the grocery store.

"I think the ladies here are worrying about that. Check with them." Kayla shrugged.

"I know its overwhelming." Syd told her.

"You didn't even have a real wedding, did you?" Kayla reminded her. Syd felt a little hurt that she'd said it that way.

"But it was still a very sweet occasion. Just remember to enjoy it. The little things." Syd told her.

Kayla nodded. Syd wished they were true friends. It might have been easier. But Syd was doing her best to try to be who she could be for Kayla.

"I guess I'll talk to, the ladies here." Syd wished she had some names. Really, she felt as if she was left hanging, but then maybe Kayla hadn't a clue what was going on, either.


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lucy and sarah said...

Hopefully, Kayla will be a better friend to Syd. But Weddings can bring out the worst in people.

ivy's closet said...

Ouch...I wouldn't want to hear that from Kayla.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Sometimes all it takes is a wedding to see someone's true colors. :/

molly said...

The blind leading the blind..perhaps.

Holly said...

Getting ready for a wedding can be such a big headache!

cait said...

Its so hard to be happy getting ready for a wedding.

skins again said...

I would hate to be Syd.

simon and josh said...

Oh, Kayla seems so lost. I feel for her too.

the oaks said...

aw, I hope Kayla figures out how Syd wants to help.