Wednesday, June 8, 2011

back to the future

Elliot was giving Derrick a hard time about the Black Sabbath song he was playing. He was trying to show Derrick how to make it more bluezy. But as it was, Elliot might have been in the dark about that too. He looked up to see Penelope staring at him. She was the last person he'd expected to see.

"What are you doing here?" Elliiot felt kind of goofy, asking. But she pointed to Olivia. That was her sister.

"Oh." He connected them now. He guessed.

"You know my sister?" She smiled.

"Not really, she's, um, I know who she is. She's a friend of a friend, kind of thing. I guess." Elliot felt kind of giddy then. Wishing he wasn't. But he stood by her. He started to head her toward Sam, but Sam was busy talking to Rachel which Elliot wasn't sure how he felt about. Yet, Sam was talking up a storm. Elliot sighed wondering if he could find anything to actually ask Penelope.

"Oh, well, you should meet someone." He had to find Amanda. He felt a little sad about it, but this would have to be the biggest turn off, ever. His situation was complicated. "I'm glad you're here." It was a slow go to find Amanda, though. They walked toward the food. He grabbed her a plate to fill.

"So what do you do when the D.A.R.E. program is over?" He wondered.

"Um, I have two weeks off, then its back to workshops and desk work." She shrugged.

"Hey, I have two weeks off too." Elliot grinned. "And then summer school." He felt like it was catch up time for himself. Then he saw Amanda. He bit his bottom lip. Really, why did he get so excited at the thought of wanting to take Penelope out. It wasn't going to happen if she knew about Amanda.


Krystal said...

you never knowwww!

ivy's closet said...

What a moment. The good and bad of it.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Something magical just might happen... :)

lucy and sarah said...

Oh, I do wonder how this will pan out.

O V said...

possibly a new meaning to DARE here..

molly said...

Good, they are talking.

She is Sara said...

Oh I hope he gets up the courage!

meg said...

How will this all go down????