Saturday, June 18, 2011

catching up

Syd had to admit, she was glad things had simmered down since Kayla and Oliver's wedding. Of course, she worked in the afternoons during the week, but had her weekends free. Time for birthday parties and little impromptu gatherings like now with Ellie and Olivia. She invited Liz over too. It had been well over a  month since any of them had seen Cole.

"So, he's sleeping through the night now?" Syd started with the basics.

"Pretty much." Liz smiled as if everything was going according to plan.

When Syd took a look at the baby, it was easy to see Kip. Cole definitely had his nose and smile.

"Kip, keeping in touch with you?" Syd picked the baby up. His big dark eyes just looked at her as if he wasn't sure he wanted her to hold him. He started to cough a cry so she handed him back to Liz. Really, she wasn't used to holding one this small, anymore. It was amazing how Ella and Evan were growing.

Liz nodded.

"That's good, right?" Syd winced. Sometimes, she felt her conversations were just clumsy with Liz. It was hard to feel they were friends..when she guessed they were.

"He, wants to move back." She sighed.

"That's great." Syd smiled at the news. She went to serve Liz the fruit salad she'd made and some dips and chips.

"I really dunno. I just don't. What if I have to put up with him, all the time?" Liz stared at Syd as if she weren't prepared to have Kip back in her life. "He's not seeing her, you know, that woman, anymore."

"I see." Syd nodded. Well, she wasn't going to take sides. She pointed to Charlie's new arm cast. He showed it off like it might be an accessory everyone needed for their summer wardrobe.

"Olivia's Dad is moving back." Syd said so cheery.

"And Penelope might actually be seeing someone." Olivia was all smiles about that.

"Really?" Even Ellie wanted to know about that as she was giving Zoe some juice in a sippie cup.

"Well, I won't say they are dating, because..she insist that they aren't. Its Elliot." Olivia beamed.

"How did that happen?" Ellie and Syd said in unison.

"DARE." Olivia wiggled a little bit as she quoted with her hands.

"That sounds, the way you put that." Liz joked as she was checking Cole's pamper.

"You know, that drug program at school. She talks to school kids." Olivia nodded. "And she was at his school."

"Wow, a school romance." Ellie teased. They laughed. But then on a serious note, they remembered that Amanda was going to have her baby soon. It was quiet after that.

"Well, I can understand why your sister wouldn't want to be mixed up with Elliot, quite yet." Syd sighed as she gathered empty plates and cups.

"What about Asa?" Olivia wondered. "She's got him."

"Yeah, I know." Ellie shrugged. "I just hope she knows how good she has it, and won't ruin it with him." She put Zoe on the floor then so she could roll over and do her little start and stop push-ups. They all watched her take off in a crawl, just to put her mouth on Charlie's blue cast.

Syd smiled, wondering if their own kids would be gossiping like this one day.


FWB said...

Great catchup!

ivy's closet said...

Its good to find out what's up with Liz and Kip.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ah, finally a follow-up...I was wondering what was going on with those two! :)

O V said...

I like finding out about ...Kip.

Mimi said...

catching up is the best! :)

i hope you're having a wonderful weekend, ellie!

<3, Mimi

Holly said...

Aw, its great to see them having some good times.

meg said...

Its great to hear about Liz and the baby. Kip, too.