Wednesday, June 1, 2011

never seen anything like it

The wedding had been sort of odd. Rox hadn't intended to go, but Jai was so excited about a wedding and Rosie was going. Rox guessed they invited themselves with Kyle and Rosie. It had turned out OK for the most part. The kids loved it. Such a massive crowd. She couldn't remember that many people in old towne. Not even at a parade.

Jai, however had shown his boogie moves later at the dance. It was a bit embarrassing, but he knew how to move the pelvis. What could she say, he loved watching GREASE and he danced to it every-time he watched it. He was funny that way.

For the most part she kept up with the kids. Kyle slipped away for a bit. She didn't ask questions. After all, they were just friends. Helping each other out. But he'd gone off with the girl that Roger had showed up with. Of course, Roger would hardly give her the time of day. In fact, he didn't even know who she was.

"You don't remember me?" Rox looked at Roger waiting for him to recall that they'd been more than just friends once. But not even a smile of recognition, nor a question about how she was or who she'd become. It was all sort of sad if she kept her mind on it.

And then she caught the bouquet in a crowd of squealing girls. Rox hadn't meant to catch the darn thing. She didn't want to catch it, but there it was in her hands. She felt so lost. What was she suppose to do?

"Well, dance with me." Sam had said. Kyle's brother. She hadn't meant for that to happen, either. But it was nice, and it was as if he could glide through any little catastrophe. He had a good time watching Jai and Rosie wiggle around.

Sam bent down on Jai's eye level and asked. "How did you learn to do that?"

"Why my Momma showed me." He said with the cutest little smile.

Rox blushed, shook her head, no.

"Oh, I think she's gonna have to teach me." Sam gave her a wicked grin.

She didn't want to think about him now. Of course, the pale roses in the wedding bouquet were dying now. But the moment lingered. She wanted things to be great with her and Kyle, but she seldom ever got what she wished for.


cady said...

People do seldom get what they wish for.

And I always wondered what one is supposed to do, exactly, after getting the bouquet. Personally, I think I'd hand it to the person next to be and be awkward. But then, I've never been to a wedding.

Traumtänzerin said...

Thank you :)

lucy and sarah said...

I wonder how Kyle will feel when he knows Sam danced with her.

ivy's closet said...

What is Sam up to?

Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope Kyle doesn't take this badly. :/

Krystal said...

at least there is hope :)

meg said...

Oh, so interesting. Gotta wonder about

Pearl Westwood said...

Be careful what you wish for, is what they say isn't it.

Holly said...

I'd be wondering why Kyle is so aloof. But then again, interesting about Sam, too.

Flawed Quintessence said...

Thank you! I've been meaning to update for a while now, but I had to read the story again so I know where I left off. Sorry if I kept you waiting ><

griffin said...

How adorable!