Saturday, July 9, 2011

big time rush

Amanda finally decided she loved grocery store shopping. For a while, she hated it. Well, that was years ago. Part of it had to do that she didn't know what to buy. But now, she just let things surprise her.

There she was at the new Hyvee, taking her leisure time in her trusty cushy flip flops. She was wearing her big brother's old jean cutoffs. They used to hang on her. They didn't anymore. But still she liked the way they fit under her belly. They were rolled up at the bottom and well, she thought she might be a celebrity in her flowy dressy top. Yes, she was bra-less and she didn't care.

She looked at the jelly and jams at the right, specialty spreads to the left, like Nutella. Amanda sighed with a pure happiness. She didn't even have Rosie to worry about. Of course, she hadn't waited for Asa to get home from work. Even, Derrick had warned her she shouldn't go. He could if she'd give him a list. Why were these people so against her grocery shopping? It was relaxing.

It felt like a lovely dance, but she was just pushing a cart, putting in that snack and this treat. It was so exciting. This exuberants filled her. Just a lovely time with herself. All by herself. Only she wasn't.

She got to the corner by the health foods. She had no idea there was anything like that here. Actually. She stood there in shock. Amanda took a deep breath. She moved forward. Only this time she began to buckle, some how. She gripped the handle of the cart so. Her legs were going weak, suddenly. A gush came from somewhere. Amanda couldn't control it if she tried. Something didn't feel right. And she was standing in a massive puddle of water at her feet. Dripping in it, actually.

Amanda scowled. She reached for her cell in her back jeans pocket. She called home. "Derrick, tell everyone, I might be having the baby at the grocery store."


Gianella said...

OMG dear, are these stories authored by you? I love reading! Definitely following you :) Hope you could follow back xoxo

caitlin and megan said...

That would be crazy at the grocery store.

Cafe Fashionista said...

What an unusual spot! :/

Holly said...

Oh wow..the grocery store????

izzy and dev said...

'what a shock!

Mimi said...

oh my gosh!!!!!!

<3, Mimi