Tuesday, July 12, 2011

in a fix

Roger supposed it was mean of him not to bring Tyra along. As if he'd do anything Olivia asked..NOT. So he went to the play, alone. Of course, it was mainly for families with kiddies, but there was a college crowd too, from the drama department..out to support those they knew in the play.

And yes, Ryan was unbelievable brilliant as Peter Pan. Possibly, it was her light and airy ways, flying through the air. Or how poignant she was with every animated gaze. Roger really envied Ryan. But he was still unsure what Leon was getting at. Ryan and her boyish ways.

"Just don't try to figure it out, OK?" Leon sat next to him. And as luck would have it, Tyra showed up, anyway. She sat next to Leon. Roger vaguely introduced them. He really wasn't sure why Tyra was there, but she was soon chatting it up with Leon..as if they were old friends. Were they? He didn't care. His eyes were only on Ryan, and he wondered why he even wanted to know him/her. Hopefully, it was all because of acting skills, nothing else.

 But then again, he was pretty sure he better get back to those accounting classes. As it was, the company he worked for had offered him a desk job. How could he say no, to that? But here he was, watching Ryan, thinking the acting bug may have bitten him once again. Only he was out of practice and so unsure he really had what it took to make it ..on any stage.

So afterwards, he hung out with Leon and Tyra back stage. It was still left over excitement. Everyone was thankful that it had been a great three weeks with the show. Now they were ready to move on. It was a bit of a love fest. Some were going out of state, or a scholarship somewhere else. It was thrilling yet baffling to watch. Someone was even going to be on some ABC Family show. How did things like that happen? Well, Roger just waited in the wings. He'd never been so quiet in his life.

The party moved on to an old church. Only, it wasn't a real church. It was going to be a theater, except it wasn't yet. But there was space in the hall, out back for everyone to party in the dark. Music throbbed. The floor practically shook. And there were booze and no telling what else. Roger felt so out of it, but he was with Leon who was suddenly with Tyra. Roger looked at them. Were they actually a couple now?

Of course, there was Ryan with the girlfriend. It was a little annoying to watch. A part of Roger wanted to go over and say something. But he didn't. Because, well, there was nothing to actually say. He just had to watch  from the sidelines. Like, he actually wasn't there. Kind of like at the play. It just kept going, like an endless electronic song that became a pulse in the end.

"Hey, its S.E.?" Ryan rolled into Roger somehow. He didn't see it coming. He was cradling a long neck beer that he couldn't quite choke down.


"You know, Silent Eura. That's you." The laughter came, but Roger didn't smile. Ryan remembered that? Roger stared blankly. "Come on, lets have a smoke." Ryan took his hand and pulled him out of the crowd. They edged out back. There was very little light from the street there, but enough.

"What's your name?" Ryan got out a light for the cigarette then. He lit it and took a drag off of it and handed it to Roger.

Roger talked more than he wanted, wishing he could be a mystery though. Just as much as Ryan was to him. He tasted the homemade cigarette between his lips. It was sweet yet it gave him a buzz that he hadn't expected.

Ryan took his beer and drank it.

"So what is it you want, S.E.?" Ryan's lips turned to a more daring smile as if Roger answered properly, Ryan just might give in.

"Nothing." Roger looked at the street light. He didn't want to look at Ryan. He gave back the cigarette.

"I don't believe you." Ryan's smile was open after blowing smoke in Roger's face.

Next thing Roger knew, they were kissing, more like animals than human. Roger couldn't help to think, it was all so fantastic. Yet wrong.


Through My Eyes said...

I really admire Leon's charcter. He isn't looking for anytype of drama

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ryan doesn't waste any time. :P

ivy's closet said...

Well..I think someone has a thing for Roger.

lucy and sarah said...

Sweet that Leon is hanging out with Tyra. Hope we see more of them. Oh boy..Roger.

Krystal said...

ow ow!

She is Sara said...

Holy crap that just happened!

Florence said...

Haha Roger ....

Check out my new post if you have time :)

meg said...

I guess that's having a moment.