Thursday, July 7, 2011

just waiting around

"So what did you think?" Leon stood there with a vitamin water in Roger's line at the grocery store.

"About what?" He hoped he wasn't asking about the campout.

"You did go, didn't you?" Leon questioned as he leaned back for a Butterfinger. He wasn't a complete health nut.

"About that-" Roger started as he rung him up.

"You met Ryan, right?" Lean chuckled, as if Ryan alone was worth the trip.

"Ryan?" Roger winced, unsure who Leon was talking about. As it was, he didn't really get to know anyone there. It was pretty much the biggest clique he'd been around since probably high school. He just wasn't getting a good drama vibe from this group.

"Oh, you know who Ryan is. You have to respect that, if you know what I mean." Leon admitted.

"Well, if its who I think we're talking about, um whats her story, really?" Roger looked to see if he had anyone waiting, he didn't.

"For starters, Ryan doesn't like to be called "her". If you get my drift." Leon gave a sly smile.

"But..Ryan is a she?" Roger didn't mean to sound confused.

"Ryan is Ryan. Don't forget that." Leon informed him. "Look, if you want to see Ryan in action, come to the last performance of Peter Pan. There's a cast party, after-wards."

Roger wanted to say something snide, but he just nodded. "I'll think about it." There was a mother with two little kids who wanted ice cream. Now. Waiting behind Leon.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Roger needs to take a chance. :)

lucy and sarah said...

Oh, he must see. He must.

ivy's closet said...

So hope he finds happiness.

molly said...

This would be a hard time..for him.

better days said...

It'll be interesting to see more of Ryan.

Anonymous said...

This is cool..about ryan..btw..dani shay got picked to go to Hollywood in AMERICA'S GOT TALENT. I hope she wins.