Friday, July 29, 2011

a possiblity

Derrick hoped he didn't seem depressed. He hoped it wasn't noticeable. But he really did miss Pearl. He didn't think he would. He'd spent plenty of his days with her. And he had to admit, he was pretty good with this baby stuff. Although, he doubted Ian wanted to know that.

He was down at Oliver's cafe, trying to help get the place ready for business. Oliver was in the back with Kayla feuding about what to name the establishment. She didn't want her name on the sign.

"Why is she like this?" Derrick looked at Ian who was setting tables in a more customer friendly setting.

"They love a good discussion. What can I say?" Ian shrugged with an open grin.

"Do they?" Derrick looked around. "Do you think he needs any help?"

"Yeah, I imagine so." Ian sighed. "Gotta wonder if he'll be ready for business by the end of the week."

Derrick just nodded.

"I'd even wash dishes." Derrick told Ian.

"Tell him that, why don't you?" Ian steadied another table. Derrick helped him. Next they got the chairs in order.

Just then Oliver came back to see if he liked the arrangement. He gave a nod.

"Hey, Ollie, we got someone here who'd like some employment." Ian noted.

"Employment?" Oliver looked at Derrick. "You interested. You ever been a line cook?"

"A what?" Derrick couldn't help but grin. He was interested in cooking. "I'm not..I'm not 16."

"We could work around it, if you're interested." Oliver told him.

Derrick gave him a nod. He had to do something to take his mind off Pearl.


Cafe Fashionista said...

A new endeavor may be precisely what Derrick needs right now! :)

mazzy may said...

I think he needs this.

lucy and sarah said...

This'll be good for Derrick.

ivy's closet said...

Oh, good..for derrick.

molly said...

I'm glad Derrick is going to help out.

She is Sara said...

Things are looking up for everyone, this is good for Derrick :)

meg said...

Just what he needs! A job.