Tuesday, August 16, 2011

not in the game

Ravi couldn't remember the last time they all sat down for a meal at the house. Usually, Ryan didn't like anything Olivia made, or she was busy. And Tyra was so quiet, he never knew if she were even in the basement. But here she was with Leon, who only Roger knew. Ravi had met him when they were looking for roommates.

He smiled, thinking how Olivia just knew Roger and Leon would hook up, but it looked like there were three steady couples.

"So are you living here now?" Ravi slipped in the question as he put the veggie tray on the table. Tyra only giggled and Leon gave her a smile.

"I guess...I am." Leon shrugged.

"Oh." Ravi sat down then.

"Maybe we need some cooks." Olivia plopped down some mac and cheese on Leon's plate then.

Ravi didn't see that coming. He thought she liked being in charge of all the meals.

"Yes, we..we..do plan on moving out." Ravi nodded as if he needed to say something rein-forceful.

"You haven't even found a place." Roger snidely remarked as he bit into a carrot.

"Yes, but we are looking." Ravi nodded. Of course, this wasn't true. They just hadn't found the time. And Olivia generally spent time with her sister these days or over at her Dad's. Ravi looked over at Olivia as if she needed to help him out here, but she was serving people. The last thing she really needed to be doing.

Finally, she sat down and started to eat before anyone else did. Ryan just looked at the heap of noodles on her plate in disgust. Ravi noticed that look Olivia gave her. He was afraid she'd say something like "What do you eat?" But she didn't. Olivia wasn't fond of listening to Ryan talk about the treatments she was going to start, to make her transformation in to him.

Ravi was beginning to think Olivia wasn't upset with Ryan, it was Roger that disgusted her. How could he have ended up with someone like Ryan? He'd heard her say it before. Of course, he wasn't sure if she was telling him everything. In the end, he knew she wasn't happy here. And Tyra was so indifferent, she hadn't exactly tried to make friends with Olivia, either. They definitely needed to find a place of their own.

"So what are you guys up too?" Ravi jumped in, after passing around the cranberry salad.

"Larping." Leon said after he's scarfed down most of his mac n' cheese.

"Really?" Ravi wasn't sure he wanted to talk about this. Now. "You guys going?"

"Yeah, its like a big campout." Ryan toyed with her meal, forking the noodles apart.

"She knows how to make a fire." Roger said as if he were impressed with her magic in the woods.

"Can you?" Ravi looked at her.

"Its no big deal." Ryan rolled her eyes as if she'd never reveal her secrets.

"I've missed larping so much." Leon nodded. "T says she'll go this time." He took her hand then.

Ravi watched them. It was as if they might get married at that camp out, by the way they looked at each other. He turned to Olivia, and he saw that look. No way in hell was she going camping with these guys.


mazzy may said...

Hopefully, they can get to know them before they leave.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I like that Ravi is so overprotective of her! :P

Mimi said...

one big campout sounds fun! ;)

<3, Mimi

lucy and sarah said...

I hope its fun. But I wouldn't want to go.

ivy's closet said...

Cool about the shoes! Oh, I hope its a good camp out.

Winnie said...

I actually feel a little bit hungry after reading this...cranberry salad sounds amazing...

She is Sara said...

Awesome shoes!! The campout seems awesome :)

meg said...

Oh, looks like they all have their own little adventures to go on.