Sunday, August 14, 2011

praying for those in my head

Asa thought it couldn't get anymore crazy. He felt kind of bad for Max. But this thing with Amanda was getting to him.

He'd hoped it would be different this time. They would be a family. A real family. He'd been ready, with all the support he could think of. He really did want to be part of Pearl's life. Now, she'd given up. Evidently.

She didn't like talking about what she'd done. Letting Elliot have full custody of a newborn. All that matter was this job of hers. She had to get it right. And he knew it was overwhelming, but this. Max showing up, like this. A brother she never knew. It was unnerving that she cared so much. And yet didn't about Pearl.

He heard her on the phone then with her Dad. He bet she didn't even mention the baby. Asa took a step back. He needed air. Just to slip away for a moment, let this all sink in. Amanda was making this so complicated. What was he suppose to do? Enable her, or be that thorn in her side, that maybe he should be?

Asa walked to Elliot's. Of course, he was home. As usual he was half-asleep on the couch with Pearl. But he handed her right over as if he knew what Asa had came for.

"She send you?" Elliot rubbed sleep from his eyes.

"No, she didn't." Asa guessed Elliot was hoping for the same thing.

"You know, what I ought to call up that lawyer and start asking for child support." Elliot was a bit of a basket case. Unshaven and barefooted.

"But you wouldn't." Asa knew.

"But I should." Elliot gritted as if he were sick of himself and fell back on the couch. He hugged himself tight. "Why are you here?"

"Amanda's got a brother." Asa sighed as he looked down at the sleeping baby. She'd been fussy with Elliot, but she was calm with him. Always had been.

"Yeah, she's got two, you know." Elliot was wide-eyed now.

"This is another brother." Asa sat down next to him. He touched Pearl's fist then and her tiny fingers found his to hold.

"Another brother?" Elliot slightly scowled as he leaned against the corner of the sofa and looked at Asa. "Huh."

"He's a few months younger than Derrick." Asa nodded. He couldn't take his eyes off Pearl. Deep down, he wished she was his. But he couldn't think on it. He had to be the stronger one here even if Elliot looked as if he were fading fast.

"Ain't that quaint." Elliot was a bit sarcastic. "How did that happen?"

"Max showed up." Asa shrugged.

"So now what?" Elliot wanted to know as he sat up then, fully awake. "What do I have to do with it?"

"I dunno." Asa shook his head. Asa didn't know anything anymore.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Max's appearance is definitely a surprise. :/

lucy and sarah said...

I feel bad for Asa, but its great that he and Elliot talk.

ivy's closet said...

Elliot's so bitter. Asa so heartbroken. Amanda being the bad guy in this..and yet she's trying to have a career.

Holly said...

This is so bitter sweet!

Anonymous said...

I really liked their conversation.

She is Sara said...

I feel so bad for Asa, Amanda really is disappointment.

blue hearts said...

I feel so sad for Asa.