Saturday, August 20, 2011

thems the breaks

There were so many things Amanda wanted to say to her dad, but instead, she told him that Max could stay as long as he liked. "But you know, he'd love to see you. We'd all love to see you." She knew he thought those ten minute phone calls once a month with Derrick were enough. He rarely ever talked to her anymore.

When he hung up, she wasn't sure she knew anymore than she did before. But they had a half brother and his name was Max.

"What did he say?" Max looked like a long lost puppy.

"He said, he'd get here as quick as he could, but he's in Alaska." Which was the truth. Although, she didn't think her Dad was in any hurry.

Derrick scurried around and got a room ready for Max. After all, she didn't have Rosie here and Pearl's stuff was sort of an after thought. Really, it was all a blur these days. Busy getting ready for her classes. So many mandatory work shops. She felt as if she were walking in her sleep, half the time.

"Excuse me," Max looked at her as she was getting him soap and towels to take a shower. "But..where are the babies?"

"Babies?" It startled Amanda who struggled to find something to say. "Oh, uh, well..Rosie is with her Dad at the moment. So is Pearl." She nodded.

"Why?" He just stared at her.

"Why?" She thought she might have a melt down. She was sure of it now. She was more like her father than she knew.


Cafe Fashionista said...

A bit intrusive Max is. :/

FWB said...

Max hit a nerve.

lucy and sarah said...

That was interesting that he asked her this question.

mazzy may said...

I hope she'll be there for Max.