Saturday, October 8, 2011


Syd didn't like the way Eric was taking Elliot's side in all this, against Amanda.

"Well, when is the last time she's seen Evan?" Eric pointed out. It had been well over a month since her last visit. "He doesn't really know her." He'd written her off. It was like Eric.

"All right, I see your point." Syd really didn't want to get into this. She was busy folding towels at the kitchen table. "But she's trying to change. She is."

Seriously, it was the last thing they needed to have a spat over. As if was, they were all so busy. Yet Evan fit right in. He was a great big brother to Ella. They got along splendid. And yes, she did feel as if she were Evan's mother, not Amanda.

"But she's a mother, you can't deprive her. She needs her children." Syd was thinking how it would feel to be away from her own. She would be sick of herself and think it being in a prison without them.

"What? We're suppose to drop off Evan one day, and then just walk away?" Eric was getting peeved by the minute. He would be late for work.

"No, of course not." She winced when she guessed it was true. Amanda did that with Evan.

It was best not to worry about Evan with Amanda. It hadn't happened yet. Amanda wasn't even going after Evan, as it was. Just Pearl.

But she sense Eric's worry now. If she got Pearl back, then would Evan be next?

She hugged Eric close. It was best to stick together. Bring out the best in each other.

"I'm sorry I mentioned it." She looked up at him. "I do love him, you know I do." And she did. Evan and Ella were a set, even if Evan's hair were ginger and Ella's dark brown, really they were truly siblings.


ivy's closet said...

It would be easy to fuss about this.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Siblings are such an important part of life. :)

lucy and sarah said...

I can understand Eric's worry..but they have to keep trying to work it out with Amanda, too.

mazzy may said...

Its good to see what's up with them..lately...

Anonymous said...

- what mazzy may said. Really!

She is Sara said...

Amanda is such a handful.