Thursday, October 27, 2011

a daze

Maybe it all started when Amanda got in a spat with Derrick over the fiasco at Elliot's with Pearl and Rosie.

"Why did you have to come?" She wasn't too thrilled with him showing up with Max. She couldn't dare be mad at Max.  Of course, Derrick laughed at her. Told her no way was he going to make her miserable. She was the bad mother. He was the good uncle. Besides, Rosie missed him. Actually, he just missed the kids.

It felt like a defeat of some kind. Yet things were all right. It was almost Halloween. Things were better than ever with Ian. He couldn't ask for anything more. Of course, he wished he'd thought more of being in  a band, again. Maybe his own band. But he was out of the loop now. No one knew him anymore because he hadn't played anywhere. There was no hope on the Internet, either. He just didn't  have time to network. School was in the way. There was Max to worry about. Although, Ian told him to quit worrying about this long lost brother of his. He was doing fine. Josie was around to take care of that.

All was fine. But the moment he saw the new girl at school, Lola, something told him..things were going to change.

"I don't like her." He had to tell someone. There was only Josie to tell his troubles too.

"You don't even know her." Josie informed him.

"I know. But I have this feeling." He couldn't describe it. Perhaps it was a disease of some kind he didn't know he had. Still he sensed it, he didn't know exactly what it meant. Or did he? Ian. He hoped he was wrong. He wanted to be wrong. Couldn't he be wrong?

But something told him..he knew things were going to change.


Rosalina S. said...

hahah cool! are u planning to make a novel?

Btw, I just found ur blog and I love it. do u mind to follow each other? :D

Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope it's nothing bad. :/

meg said...

Oh, Derrick...I think loves drama.

ivy's closet said...

Derrick needs to be positive.

Rosalina S. said...

goodluck then! :D I just clicked to follow youu..

Denise Pacurar said...

This is interesting, are you writing a book?!

xoxo Denise

lucy and sarah said...

Whatever should we do with Derrick!

She is Sara said...

Uh, oh. But cool that there is someone new!

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

Oh Derrick! tsk tsk. He needs to chill out!