Thursday, October 6, 2011


Rox supposed she was on the mend. It looked that way. Her sister, Jazmin thought so.

"So this is the perfect time to look for our sister." She informed  Rox one morning when she got back from dropping the kids off at pre-school.

"Really?" Rox winced wondering if that was such a good idea. She guessed she was right, but maybe her sister didn't want to see them. Besides she was a half sister and well, their Mom said she was adopted. They never talked about her.

"What? You can't be against it." Jazmin was about to go off the deep end.

"No, I'm not against it. Its just, she might not want to know us." She had this vision of her baby sister better off than they were. Perhaps she envied her. She wasn't sure. "Can't we just..leave well enough alone?" She'd prefer if their sister tracked them down. If they were important to her, she should do it.

"I'm surprised at you, after all you've been through. You don't want to know what happened to Tyra?" Jazmin put her on the spot.

"OK, lets find Tyra." Suddenly, Rox felt she had to be a cheerleader for her sister. She guessed her sister was right. Still, she couldn't help, but think, maybe Tyra didn't want to be found.

"Good. I've got her address." Jazmin held it up.

"What did you do?" Rox wasn't sure she was that ready. It was exciting, but a bit nervous, too.

"I have a computer, you know." Jazmin didn't style hair all the time. "Lets go."

"Don't you think... we should call first?" Rox was in Jazmin's little yellow Volkswagen before she knew it.

"I didn't get her phone number." Jazmin shrugged.

"Maybe you're not the private investigator I thought you were, after all." Rox rolled her eyes, thinking this would be the worst spur of the moment trip ever with her sister. Usually, Jazmin was always there for her, through the thick and thin. She helped her move back with Jai. Of course, she wasn't quite fond of Rox's ex. And she wasn't sure she liked Kyle, much better. Her sister never asked her about him which might mean Jazmin was OK with him.

So Jazmin zipped out of town to the Interstate.

"Just where are we going?" They missed the Kansas City turn-off." Rox texted Kyle to let him know she was out with her sister for the day.

"Not far. Tyra's not that far away." Jazmin told her while Rox read Kyle's text wondering what they were doing.


Rox: no dress.

Rox smiled.

"What's so funny?" Jazmin looked at her.

"He thinks you're helping with the wedding." Rox smiled more.

"See, another reason we need to find Tyra, so she can be in the wedding." Jazmin smiled back.

"I didn't think you wanted me to get married." Of course, her sister's marriage lasted all of six months.

"I want you to be happy. And Kyle makes you happy." Her sister assured her. "You've always been happy around him. Even when you were younger."

Rox was relieved  to hear her sister words. It made her feel better about this happening sooner than later.

"His Mom got the party room at the pizza place." Rox could barely hold a laugh. She knew her sister would think they were nuts then.

"Who do you know..who has ever got married at Pizza place?" Jazmin looked at her out of the corner of her eye.

"No one." Rox bit her bottom lip.

"Are you getting married on the carousel?" Jazmin teased.

"Don't mention it to Rosie. She'll want us to be married on a carousel." She thought of meeting Kyle at the pizza place where the kids wanted to meet. Really, it was a special place for them. Kyle even talked to the minister where Doyle and Finn went to church.

As they drove into Lincoln, the streets looked familiar. She'd been here before. When they drove up to the house, she started to laugh.

"This is serious, you know." Jazmin informed her.

"I know." Rox understood. "Kyle used to live here."


Cafe Fashionista said...

Married on a carousel - now that would be cute! :)

blue hearts said...

It is a small world.

mazzy may said...

This is exciting to find their sister.

Anonymous said...

This wedding is getting more and more interesting. So glad they are finding their sister.

Fabrizia said...

What a small world! Cute post!
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Cosa mi metto???

Cuppykirsten said...

This is cute... It made me smile widely :)

With love, Kirsten

blue hearts said...

I really hope this works out for them. Sweet.

meg said...

such a fun post!