Tuesday, October 18, 2011

sister to sister

When Ruthie had her baby, Rachel didn't get a call. She was perhaps blacklisted from the family now. Naturally, she felt a little sad. Actually, a lot. After all, she'd been there for her niece and nephew. Why was her family like this?

Sam had a winning football season. He was a shining star. These were things she felt good about. She'd started a night class in childhood development. But she only had Penelope to share that with, these days. Penelope was the closest around. But it was hard to tell if they were friends or not.

Especially, in the beginning. When Penelope moved in, Rachel was so sure it would not work out. Penelope was stand-offish to begin with. Pretty soon they were hanging out. She'd go with Rachel when she took Jasper, her black Labrador retriever for a walk. They made dinners together, shopped, made curtains, and even repainted the livingroom together in a soft gray. The guys said the color wouldn't work, but it did.

"I wish I could be a better sister." Penelope confessed one day.

"You know, sisters love to argue." Rachel smiled. She thought of Ruthie how they used to be together. She liked having Penelope around, but she missed her sister. Finally, Rachel decided one Saturday that she wanted Penelope to meet her sister. After all, she'd met Penelope's. They'd even gone to the farmer's market with Olivia. Actually, Penelope's little sister was really cool. She liked thrifting, trying new foods, going new places. If only Ruthie could be more like Olivia.

Rachel put together a basket of goodies for Ruthie. Just because she wanted too. It was mainly fruit, and things for the baby, but still it was something. Not that Ruthie had given her anything other than a hard time when she married Sam. Still she'd feel bad,  not bringing her sister something.

Of course, she wasn't even sure if Ruthie would answer the door.

Actually, it was a shock when her sister hugged her so hard. That's when she found out her sister's husband left her.

"Don't tell Mom." Ruthie could barely breathe. "Just don't let her know."


Cafe Fashionista said...

At least they're creating a bond - even if it is one shared over a secret. :/

My Daily Apparel said...

Thats sweet hun xx

amenfashion17 said...


Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

aww, yay! and minka kelly, gorgeous of course!
xo TJ

ivy's closet said...

Sometimes, it takes something bad to get sisters together.

lucy and sarah said...

Its not easy being a sister.

blue hearts said...

Poor Ruthie!

meg said...

Maybe they'll be a lot closer now.