Friday, November 4, 2011

Here and then some

It was Finn's late night to work at the clinic. It was dark out and cold. He couldn't wait to get home and find out what Doyle's one dish surprise might be. He was famished. But just as he was about to lock up. There was Jonah waiting for him.

Suddenly, Finn felt so alone. Not sure what to do. He'd had plenty of nightmares about this moment. He never thought they'd come true.

"Jonah? Should you be here?" How had he gotten here? This was weird. Halloween was over. He didn't need any Jokers about. It was freezing out. "Are you all right?"

Jonah didn't say anything for the longest time. Finn was going to give his another thirty seconds and then dial 911. Why hadn't he put a restraining order out against this fellow?

"May I have a word with you?" He said so earnestly then, as if he might be in a Dicken's play.

"Sure. Of course." Finn let him in. It was warm in the clinic. "What can I help you with?"

"Nothing." He was so ominous then. Finn stood there in his warm coat waiting for Jonah to speak. "I just wanted you to know, that I'm completely over you. You mean nothing to me."

"OK." Finn winced hoping this was a good thing. Not a bad thing. But nothing. He meant nothing to him?

"I've moved on which was something, you never let me know. You never told me about Doyle. You could have, you know. And I would have never thought..." Now it was a struggle to get his words out. "I thought you'd always love me."

Finn pressed his lips tight. Suddenly, Finn felt as if all this were a deeper meaning to Jonah than he'd ever know.

"I'm sorry..I'm sorry if I hurt you." Finn cleared his throat.

"You did." Jonah's voice was sullen. Finn hoped Jonah was done, but he wasn't. "I've found love, again. And he wants to be with me. Jules is there for me. Most times. He's not ashamed of me. Not like you."

"OK." Finn didn't want to hear anymore. "I'm glad you two...hit it off." But he had to wonder if that was even true. He would have called Jules right then if he knew his number and ask if any of this was really true. Yet it was best to let Jonah believe what he wanted. After all, Jonah was different. Not at all what he might look like on the outside. Finn still felt like a fool for ever wanting to be with him in the first place. He pitied who ever got stuck with Jonah.


Cafe Fashionista said...

So many surprising revelations here. :/

ivy's closet said...

Break ups are hard..even from some time ago. They may never end with Jonah.

lucy and sarah said...

Oh wow..just what Finn needed. Jonah.

Anonymous said...

That kind of weird having someone tell you its over..when its been over for a while now. Maybe Jonah is looking for closure.

blue hearts said...

I love that picture of Alex A.

FWB said...

Maybe Jonah just had to get that off his chest.

Unlucky said...

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