Friday, November 25, 2011

Lets be in love

Jules felt like the whole day was wasted at Jonah and Willow's. It was rather immaculate, come to think of it. He'd borrowed a suit from Ian to wear for the THANKSGIVING occasion. It was far to stuffy for Jules' taste. And he had to sit next to Jonah. Of course, he stared at Willow the entire time. He couldn't help but smile.

Ste seemed interesting enough. He and Jonah had a few laughs from old stories back in London together. Jules waited for the pain-staking day to end. If it ever would. What had he gotten himself into? It was strangling him as much as the black tie he wore.

He'd decided he didn't like this American holiday, at all. At this rate, just how awful would Christmas be? He felt he worked 24/7 as it was. If there was any free-time, it was with Jonah. Jules was rather glum. He was sure if Jonah's family had an open bar, he'd be into it. As it was, he just wanted to get away. He could hardly stand it.

"Don't start anything." Willow kept away from him. She'd laughed at Ste's jokes, too. This was rather aggravating to Jules who didn't want Willow to like a thing about Ste.

"Why would I?" He'd grumbled. Of course, he watched her mouth move and wished to kiss her, so badly. It felt wrong to be here. So false, he wanted it to be true with Willow, not some dream that didn't really exist.

Of course, they hadn't any time to talk.

"I want to go home." He announced as if something came up. Jules had wanted to say something entirely different. Like telling Jonah they were threw. What a charade. It was time for all this to be over. Why did they all have to satisfy Jonah?

He had to listen to Jonah go on about how it was hardly an evening. Wasn't he up for a movie? Didn't he want to hang out with Ste?

"Not really." He tried to explain how he needed to rest. Even if he had off the day after Thanksgiving. There were things he needed to do. He left out the part about the things he wanted to do with Willow. But as the hours prolonged, he was ready to explain it all to Jonah..if he were going to have a problem..with this...

Willow hated keeping secrets. A part of her felt sad that perhaps her mother really never knew her because she was fussing over Jonah so much. Yes, she understood Jonah was special, perhaps he was spoiled too. He'd always been quite sensitive. They only ate what he liked. He didn't like to be touched. Yet, he wanted everyone's attention. It was always Jonah's way or no way.

How long could she let this go on? It was time to speak up. A first she wanted to announce something herself at dinner. She was proud to be a part of  the business which she wanted Jules to be a part of. She believed in him. She did. But as she looked around, it was all talk about Jonah and his work in the music business and how he'd had the time of his life in Europe.

"Why don't you go back?" She said out of the blue while their father was cutting pumpkin pie. They were fending for themselves this year. No maid nor housekeeper around to keep them seated. "I think you should. You and Ste. Like old times." Her eyes lit with a certain madness. She wanted Jonah out of her hair for good. It was simple to see what her parents were up, too. They wanted her to take care of him. Some day, they'd have a place together, her and her brother. Maybe right here. It pained her at the thought. Perhaps she wanted to be away from Jonah as much as she knew Jules did.

Jonah looked at her startled. His open grin chided her more.

"I'm going into business with Oliver and Jules." She said as if she might get out her lap top this second and work on a web page for them.

Her parents looked at her as if this was no time for an April Fools joke in November. That's when she knew it was time for her and Jules to leave.

"What does this mean?" Jules asked later once they got back to his place.

"What do you want it to mean?" Of course, they'd laughed all the way there and kissed a good portion of it in the stairwell. Didn't he already know? His round eyes looked as if he'd gotten Christmas early.

"You have to know, I've never felt this way about" He seemed so happy, but she thought he might be crying. "I'm crazy about you, you know, but what if I mess it up. I don't want to mess it up with you." He hugged her close.

"I'm not that fragile, am I?" She laughed then.

"But what if your parents are furious. And they disown you..and.." He looked at her as if this might be the craziest decision she'd ever made.

"Don't worry so much."

She kissed him as if this was their world in this little room while the night got colder and the snow's soft blanket was pure.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I think they should just live in the moment, and be happy without regrets! :)

lucy and sarah said...

I think they can make it on their own..with a wee bit help from family.

ivy's closet said...

I adored them together!

Anonymous said...

Yeah for them!

Sara said...

I am happy for them. I hope her parents realize that she is her own person, so crazy!

caitlin and megan said...

Cool, to see they've decided to go for it!!!