Friday, November 18, 2011

a slight headache

Having the wedding shower in the same week of the wedding was cutting it close, but it would be over soon. Rox just didn't get why she had to have these panic attacks at this moment. Just why was she so nervous?

She had her sisters around to make over her with the wedding gown and party. Of course, it might have been silly having the whole wedding at the pizza place that the kids loved. Jazmin told her how idiotic it was, but she was still in the wedding. But this wasn't what bothered her at the moment.

There was this thought of something dreadful..was impending. Just how would she get through the rest of this week? While, Kyle on the other hand had been busy every evening helping with this guest house as they called it, for Blake. Still, he was happy at the wedding shower. It was all so great to have all their friends there. Lots of presents. Jai got people to dance after the presents were opened. It was a party. How could she not be happy?

"What's wrong?" Her little sister asked.

"Nothing." But she thought she might throw up. "Maybe, I need an aspirin." She decided. What if she were having a heart-attack?

"You don't look well." She told her. Rox guessed as much. Perhaps she wasn't as strong as she thought she was. But it could have been a panic attack.

"Guess who's here?" Jai found them in the kitchen.

"Who?" Maybe this was it. Maybe that's what it was. This sense of someone, she wasn't looking forward to seeing.

"DAD!" Jai was ecstatic. Before she knew it, there Jared was scooping Jai up as if that's what he always did when he came to visit.

Rox tried not to have a melt down. There was no reason for it. Jared just smiled as if he liked to be trouble.


Gianella Peralta said...

So daddy is back for the wedding. I wonder if there would be any confrontation..

Krystal said...

i wonder too!

Allegra said...

lovely blog

lucy and sarah said... like trouble.

ivy's closet said...

I wondered about Jared...

Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope things go smoothly with his appearance. :/

Belly B said...

Thanks for commenting on my guest post on unique jewelry over at A Village Town! :) Oh my, did you write this? Sounds like a fantastic story!

Belly B :)

Winnie said...

The make up in that first picture you used is gorgeous! Aw the wedding shower will be so much fun.

Mimi said...

oh, poor rox... weddings always seem to emphasize family drama. :/

<3, Mimi