Wednesday, December 21, 2011

a family thought

Since Thanksgiving Jules and Willow were pretty much nested in his room. Oliver and Kayla were just down the hall, but they didn't exactly socialize. Sure, they worked with Oliver in the morning. But it was business as usual and Willow hadn't tried to rock the boat. Although, Jules had help on campus (Topher to the rescue) and Willow was out for the semester.

"Go talk to Oliver." Willow looked worried. Jules knew she was upset that her mother wasn't exactly talking to her. But then again, Willow did start it with her Mom the night she left. She wouldn't return her messages. Now Jonah was back in London with Ste. He hadn't even said goodbye. Everything was a little on edge.

"What for?" Jules didn't see the point.

"I dunno. He has to know we..we want to know, like family." She shrugged as if he alone.. might not be enough.

"It would just be weird." Jules laughed it off. He really didn't want to get into it anymore with Oliver than he had too. But that look Willow gave him, it was as if Oliver was his older brother, and they needed to gather to gather for the holidays.

"Why? Why would it be weird?" She winced as she stood there in his hoodie with her arms crossed while she was waiting for something.

"You know, Kayla is uh... wee bit older than him." Jules felt sure that was why Oliver kept his distance. He didn't want his wife thinking he could be kid around him, like he used too. Oliver was happy go lucky, once upon a time. Jules just didn't think it true, anymore. Especially, with Kayla in the picture. She was so formal and indifferent. Jules didn't even try to get to know her.

"Jules, please, you two should talk." Willow sighed as if she'd nag him until he did it. Christmas was coming. Was that what this was about?

"All right, but you should come with me." He needed her support. She shook her head, no. She needed some reading to do. And what about the laundry?

"All right." He didn't mean to be in a pout, but he felt sure it should be Willow doing the talking, not him. He padded down the hall which felt like an eternity to get too. He knocked lightly. Finally, Kayla came to the door.

It was like a palace, he thought. Plush white carpet. He didn't remember the place being so big. Come to think of it, it was his first time to be in their flat. And Oliver... reading like an old man, thought Jules. Seriously, this Kayla was sucking all the life out of him.

"You have a minute?" Jules looked at Oliver.

"What? Planning a vacation, are you?" Oliver scowled instantly.

"No." Jules scowled right back. "Its about Willow."

"What about her?" Oliver glared at him over his black horned rimmed glasses. "You gave her disease? Is that it?"

"God, no." Jules cracked up. "If you must know, me mum had me checked out before she'd even let me come to the states." He couldn't believe Oliver would ask such questions.

Jules hugged himself then.

"Its just...we're together now..just the two of us..and..and...Willow thinks we should, you know, do more together. Like Christmas" Jules stared at Oliver, helpless. Perhaps, he did need them.

"Like what?" Oliver looked at him as if Willow was his problem. He went back to how Willow wanted to run his business.

"Oliver, please, she only wants to help. She isn't trying to snatch the business from you. Really, she isn't." Jules couldn't plead enough. "Besides, I could of..screwed things up..."

"Have you now?" Oliver got up as he was sure of it. Sure, that Jules was not up to any good.

"Its her parents. They aren't exactly speaking to Willow at the moment." Jules told him.

"Jules, is right," Kayla said. "I'll go talk to her. We do need to stick together."

Jules looked at her a bit shocked. Kayla was on his side. It was so unexpected.


Anonymous said...

What an interesting story! What's the ending though? :)

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ivy's closet said...

Oh, Oliver. He needs to be nice. Its Christmas.

Cafe Fashionista said...

It's sad to see them feuding at Christmas. :/

Sidney Salim said...

I love this post! Interesting story. Your blog is awesome.

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Gianella Peralta said...

It;s Christmas, a time to be share and be with others. So go for it! :)

Anonymous said...

Jules is such a guy.

meg said...

That's putting Jules on the spot. hehee..