Friday, December 2, 2011

hardly a question

Ellie didn't get anywhere with Blake at Thanksgiving. In fact, he left suddenly the day before.

"I dunno why you worry." Lon told her on their drive to pick up Hannah.

"I don't worry." She winced as she sat in the front seat alone with Lon.

"Yes, you do. You are worrying right now, wondering what Charlie is doing, or if Zoe is taking a nap." Lon looked over at her.

"Have I said anything about that?" They couldn't exactly argue with Kenny sitting in the back seat. Of course, he was playing a video game.

"Blake is fine." Lon sighed.

"Well, Hannah told me something." Ellie let slip.

"What?" He looked a tad cross. She knew he was tired, wishing Hannah's grandparents could bring her all the way home. Of course, his parents had gone out of their way to meet Hannah, too.

"She says that Blake talks to someone, all the time. She thinks he has a son or a daughter, or something." Ellie shrugged.

"Maybe he does." Lon was laid back about it  "Its none of our business."

"OK, maybe its not, its know."

"We don't want to know." Lon told her. "If he wants us to know, he'll tell us."

Ellie sucked in a breath. She wanted to say more, but she knew he wouldn't want to hear it. He didn't like her snooping in other people's lives. It wasn't like she was Nancy Drew, she thought. It wasn't that she thought she'd find out something big, either. But if Blake had family, why was he hiding it?


Sick by Trend said...

oh questions and questions.. lot of troubles


Have a great weekend! :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

I think she'd better let things rest, and give Blake the chance to come clean about everything. :/

ivy's closet said...

Maybe its nothing like she thinks.

lucy and sarah said...

I bet its not that awful

Sara said...

I think Lon is right, maybe Blake needs to just come around on his own?

Mimi said...

totally agree, i think blake just needs some time.

<3, Mimi
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