Thursday, December 8, 2011

how can it possibly be

Max didn't get it? Why were there a swarm of cops at the house? It didn't seem real. He couldn't even get in. He stood in the cold, ringing Derrick, who would not pick up.

Finally, he texted him that something was happening. Derrick called back then.

"Well, find out what's going on!" Derrick demanded.

"That's just it. No one will talk to me." He knew what they thought. He didn't belong here. If it were Derrick, he would know by now. But Max didn't. He was just someone to stay away. But then when he saw Asa speaking to the police, Max's legs were so wobbly. He was afraid he might be walking on this knees. It was as if his body were melting. But he knew he needed to be strong.

He dialed Amanda older brother. The brother he really didn't know. "Something is wrong." He could barely get out. "Its Amanda." He didn't want his eyes to water, but he couldn't stop it. This was bad. So bad. He thought he might throw up, but he wouldn't let himself.

It was just frustrating that no one would say anything. The ambulance evidently came and went.

"Where is she! She's in the hospital! Right!" His face dripped with tears. He paced, trying to breath. Max, pushed back his dark locks of hair with his hands, trying to understand it. "WOULD SOMEBODY TELL ME SOMETHING? I'm her brother!"

But it was like talking to a wall. Finally, a female cop came over. She listened. Finally, she informed him there had been an incident. Murder. He heard the word MURDER.

Max shook his head, no. Couldn't be. He racked his fingers through his heavy bangs to look at the young woman more. Who would want to...Max shook his head. He remembered Amanda telling him about some student she was afraid of.

His heart ached as if he might be dieing too.

"Did you say..murder?" Max festered a frown. Not attempted. But murder.

Finally,  Asa found him. He couldn't say much. It was as if he were out of words. It was as if he was washed out. Completely. "Its all my fault. Its all my fault." He tried to breathe.

"All your fault?" Max stared at him. "How could that be?" His fingers clung on hard to Asa's arms. He wasn't letting go until he knew the truth.


Mimi said...

ohmygosh, poor max! i can only imagine how that experience felt! i really want to know what happened to amanda...

<3, Mimi
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Cafe Fashionista said...

This is the worst possible outcome EVER! Please say it isn't true! :(

ellie said...

I'm afraid it's true. Seriously, I've never actually done anything quite like this in a story. I'm the first to admit that I really enjoy seeing my characters develop and possibly love following their outcomes more than what any reader would.

A while ago, a reader asked would I kill a character off..and could I..since they always thought I wrote about a space in life where nothing bad ..actually, ever happened.

And I did take great consideration in this. As it was..last year at this time, I was contemplating Elliot's departure, but..couldn't go through with that.

Amanda is complicated. I always liked that about her. She was always the type of person that didn't always do the right thing, yet there was a lot of good in her too. And I feel she affected a lot people's lives. She wasn't just the teenage girl who had Kyle's long ago.

As it door has been shut tight, yet other doors open as in plot and stories.

Thanks for reading.


ivy's closet said...

How tragic. Such a shock.

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

This is so so sad!!!!! I can't believe it happened :(

lucy and sarah said...

What an awful situation.

Summer-Raye said...