Sunday, December 25, 2011

on holiday

Jules thought he might have woke up somewhere else, but how could he forget....

Honestly, he loved the bed. It was incredible, and it was Christmas. But fresh snow hadn't fallen. Just the cold. It was warm and toasty in bed as the sunlight streamed in.

"Its brilliant." He'd had his Christmas, thanks to Oliver and Ian and anyone associated with them. And of course, Willow.

But they'd overslept. His cell was ringing. He guessed it was his Mum calling to wish him a Merry Christmas. Jules looked at the phone number. Yes, it was international, but not his Mum.

"Hullo?" He kept his voice low as Willow was still asleep. Really, he wanted to stay in bed with her.

"You're still asleep." It was Jonah.

"Not really." Jules cleared his throat thinking anything that might come out of his mouth would be awkward. "Its..its good to hear from you."

"Yeah, you would say that. My sister is there, isn't she?" Jonah's voice so snide and snobish.

"Yeah." Jules squinted.

It was silent then.

"Hoping it would be over by now. And you'd miss me." Jonah finally blurted.

Jules squinted hard.

"Sorry, not  missing you that much, mate." Jules finally gritted.

"DON'T CALL ME MATE." His voice was like thunder.

"Wait, Jonah, you knew it would never be nothing more. You can't keep a grudge, when their is nothing to have a grudge about. Look, your sister, she..she didn't mean to hurt you." He was up now in his flannel plaid PJ bottoms. He plugged in the kettle and looked in the tiny fridge for some milk. "You have to believe that. I'm sorry if you're still mad. I'm beginning to think you live better with everything else, staying mad."

"I'm not mad." Jonah snapped.

"But its all you feel, isn't it?" Jules knew that feeling. It was easy to do. Possibly, being happy was a chore, but it did come naturally if you let it. Yet, he had no real insight to give him. Jonah would have to find it accidentally, he supposed.

Jonah hung up on him. Jules didn't feel bad. He'd made his peace, maybe Jonah would some day too. He reached in the cupboard then. Found the little box hidden behind the coffee can. It was Willow's Christmas. He hoped the antique ring fit.


ivy's closet said...

I like what Jules said to Jonah.

Happy Holidays!

lucy and sarah said...

I'm glad Jules talked to Jonah.

Merry Christmas!

FWB said...

Jules is so right.

Ben and Molly said...

Maybe they'll be friends yet.

Evs said...

great. merry xmas :-)

caitlin and megan said...

He's grown up much.

Natalie said...

Merry Christmas! Too bad his mom didn't call

Sara said...

Wow, someone is going to have a merry xmas!