Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Forget me not

Really, nothing much had changed. Jonah was beginning to think. Here he was back in his little studio. Courtesy, of Ste. Jonah supposed. He'd lived here before. Sometimes, Jonah had to admit, Ste treated him like an imbecile.

Jonah supposed that's why he'd left before. He really just couldn't take it, anymore. Of course, Ste called him a genius, many times over. But it kept going back to the fact that Ste thought he might get lost in the city. One of the reasons he lived right above the recording studio. Not that he minded. It was great to always be on time at work. And all his favorite shops to eat and see were just around the corner. He never ventured very far, actually. Although, he was determined to take a train, maybe to France.

Of course, his mother freaked out when he mentioned it to her. As it was, all he had to call his own was his laptop and a smart phone. Which evidently, he didn't think he was that smart with, because he called Jules.


Jonah stared at his phone. He gritted hard. Why would he do such a thing? He didn't want to speak to him. Ever again. He was still furious with his sister and Jules. How could they have done such a thing? To  him, of all people.

Jonah swelled a frown and threw the phone down on the bed. It bounced back.

"Who is this?" Jules voice sounded a little frantic. Maybe.

Jonah stared at the phone.


"Its me." Jonah finally shouted at the phone.


"Yes." Jonah didn't know what else to say as he set next to the phone.

"Are you, all right?" Jules' voice sounded so sincere.

"Of course." Jonah winced hard.

"So, you made it then. You're back, got the same job?" Jules asked. These were things Jules knew. After all, Jonah called him at Christmas, even if he didn't talk about his job. Jonah nodded as if Jules could see him.

" is it?" Jules then asked.

"Its fine." Jonah wanted to be cold. He had to be cold. After all, Jules left him.

"I'm happy for you." Jules said, but Jonah found that hard to believe. He'd never felt so sad before, as he looked at the four walls he was to call home. Of course, it had a flat screen TV. A very accommodating bathroom and the wardrobe full of drawers and doors built in the solid oak walls. It was a mini palace, perhaps. But it wasn't home. No one to really talk to.

"Well, I'm not happy for you." Jonah spoke what was in his heart then, and clicked off. He looked at Jules' phone number. He planned to delete it, but not yet.


Erika said...


My Free Choice

ivy's closet said...

Oh, Jonah. Can't help but feel bad for him. At least, just a little.

mazzy may said...

Maybe they'll be closer, farther apart.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Biting words. :/

Aimee Victoria Long said...

cool post,now a new follower!

lucy and sarah said...

Hopefully, Jonah will figure it out.

HailesHeartsFashion said...

Aww I feel sorry for Jonah! Also, the part about his home made me feel sad. Reminded me of when I lived away!!

Thank-you for the recent comments on my blog and for not just writing 'read my new post, follow me etc etc'
haha :L

meg said...

Jonah so needs a friend.

SHELLEY said...

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