Tuesday, January 10, 2012

in the dark

Asa held it together long enough at Elliot's. Yet, he couldn't leave soon enough. A part of him didn't know what the purpose of any of this was. Obviously, Elliot would never know what he was going through. Penelope must have put Elliot up, to asking him over.

Although, it was good to see Pearl. Even if it wasn't so, he would always feel she was his. She should have been.

Perhaps, he resented this. He didn't mean too. He tried not too. But it was there in his mind like a lump in his parched throat. It hurt, but he wasn't going to bring it up. He could see Elliot throwing the paternity test right in his face about the facts. Yet there was that slight doubt  in spite of the 99% sure thing. That slight doubt.

He did his best to immerse himself at work. In fact, there was the leadership training next month in Ohio. He was first at the library to ever get this opportunity, and it was to be paid by the state library commision. He was nominated on the youth library board. It was something to look forward to. He told himself this, all the time, but right now it was the farthest thing from his mind.

Instead, he'd wait. Perhaps it was an active imagination, or just the chance to get through the night, but he longed for a moment with Amanda. He still needed to talk to her, and so he'd wait, and then he'd tell her how his day went.


ivy's closet said...

Poor Asa.

lucy and sarah said...

It might be the only thing that gets him through the night.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Awww...my heart goes out to him right now. :(

FWB said...

A very sad time for him.

Sara said...

I still feel so bad for him. This is not something easy to get over.

meg said...

Maybe it'll get better.