Friday, January 6, 2012

new beginnings and other thoughts

"OK," Kyle understood Rox was upset about Jazmin letting Jared move in. "Maybe..its not what you think." He smiled as if it might not be nearly as bad as she thought it was.

"Oh, but it is. I know. He's using her." Rox jumped to the conclusion.

"Well, she might be using him too." Kyle told her it worked both ways.

Rox shook her head as if this just made her sick. She thought he should be with his wife, no matter what. "Isn't that what marriage is about?"

"Yeah." Kyle nodded. He took her hand then. "You just have to let it go. OK? Maybe he felt wronged. He's trying to do the right thing by being here, close to Jai, right?"

She sighed.

Dinner was still thawing in the kitchen.

"How about we order pizza?" He shrugged, knowing she was frazzled.

"I'm sorry," she said about not cooking the casserole she was going to make. "Its know..ever since Amanda.." He saw she was teary eyed. He wrapped his arms around her. Kyle thought of Asa. He wondered how he was doing.


ivy's closet said...

I'm glad Kyle can be understanding about the situation. no more Logan Lermer as Kyle? I have to admit these two make a good Kyle and Roxie.

ellie said...

As much as I love Logan ..I had to admit, I didn't see him with Shay Mitchell. But I felt Steve and Shay were a 'better' crackship. Although, I was thinking Matt Dallas might be good in Kyle's part too.

Anyway, new year. And I thought perhaps from other changes in the story, he'd changed, and grownup more, too. And he's not the only character I've switched. If you haven't noticed.

Just one more switch ... to go.

Cafe Fashionista said...

It's a hard time for everyone right now. :/

meg said...

I'm glad Kyle is understanding. & Yes, I love the new Kyle.

hollyoaks fan fic said...

yes, yes..on the crackship. I think they have a strong marriage.

mazzy may said...

Maybe it won't be so bad.

Sara said...

It is so hard for everyone. I am glad Kyle is around.

meg said...

Dang they sent Jeremy away on TVD.

I have to admit Steve makes a good Kyle. There is something so woeful in his eyes..and I can see Kyle being that way, right now..with all that's happened.

I'm glad he can put Rox at ease. She needs someone like him.

Mimi said...

yay kyle! ;)

p.s. i think shay mitchell is soooo pretty!

<3, Mimi