Wednesday, February 1, 2012

its called a dance

"Just why am I here?" Derrick never felt so alone until now. It was at the February Singles dance. A new option at school for all of those who didn't believe in Valentines nor would never be seen at the Winter Formal.

"Because January is a very long month, and we have to make the most of cupid in February." Josie sipped her punch. They'd drove there together, only they weren't really together. Things were falling apart. A silence remained. She wasn't exactly telling him anything, lately. And he wouldn't bring up, what he thought. Derrick supposed they were still friends. Unfortunately, he didn't feel like dancing. There was nothing really to celebrate.

But then..he caught a glimpse of him from across the room.  Derrick didn't actually know Henry. Except, he thought he'd seen him at the last GLSEN meeting he'd gone to, which was sometime in the fall. Henry looked to be his fun, geeky self. Chatting up the chess club sponsor, no less.

Derrick sighed. He wanted to say something, but he didn't have the energy. He went to get himself some punch. Perhaps, Josie would have better luck, finding someone to dance with, if he wasn't standing so close. Just his luck, Henry would ask her to dance.

Derrick looked around, figuring he'd spot Ian and Lola, but then they were a couple, weren't they? Why would they be here?

Someone tapped him on the shoulder. To his surprise it was Henry, and he was all grins.

"I was hoping you'd be here," Henry said. Derrick almost choked on his punch. He put it down as he stared at Henry, not sure what was next. Instead, Henry put his arms around Derrick and gave him a sincere hug.

"I thought you might need one, you know." Henry told Derrick, he looked really sad. Henry tried his hardest not to smile. "I'm smiling too much, aren't I?"

Derrick shook his head, no. He melted into tears but Henry hugged him, once more.


Aimee Victoria Long said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Harry Styles!!!! OMGOSH love him so much haha
Aimee (@Aimee_Victoria)

Cafe Fashionista said...

Awww...they're so sweet! :)

Sara said...

I loved this! They are awesome :)

Leslie Quiros said...

what a cute blog!! loving it :)
Thx for the lovely coment. Followin gon gFC... hope you can follow too if you like mine!

ivy's closet said...

Oh boy, Just who Derrick needed!

lucy and sarah said...

I like him already!

ellie said...

I'm glad someone loves Harry Styles. I do too.

Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

You are such a good writer! Stick with it!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth