Sunday, February 5, 2012

like a winding road

Max really wasn't sure what Derrick was up to. When Henry showed up at the house, Derrick asked Max to stay.

"Here? In the livingroom?" Max gave Derrick a funny look. Max found his favorite seat to watch his favorite crime show. Although, he knew Derrick hated to watch anything crime related so Max switched it to Secret Circle so he could at least watch the girls on the show. He made himself comfortable while he watched Henry make himself at home on the couch with Derrick.

Henry talked nonstop. He didn't even notice what was happening on Secret Circle. Honestly, Henry was not helping Max enjoy the show.

Henry talked about school. About people in Drum Corp. And how Henry wished he had more time to play chess. Did Derrick play chess? Would he mind playing chess? Henry even offered to teach him. Of course, Derrick remained mute most of the time.

Max thought this was not like Derrick, at all. He liked to tease and laugh. And act out how other people acted. Right now, it looked like a losing battle for Henry.

Max finally went to make popcorn. Derrick came in to see what was taking so long.

"Is this a date?" Max wanted to know.

"Of course, not. You're here." Derrick winced hard.

"I don't have to be." Max shrugged.

"No, no I need you in there." Derrick told him.

"Do you even like him?" Max wondered.

"Yeah." Derrick sighed.

"Then, what's the problem?" Max opened the microwave door as soon as it dinged and got the popcorn bag out.

"I dunno. Guilt. I guess." Derrick gritted as he looked around the kitchen.

"Look, if he makes you happy. You've got nothing to worry about. Now, get out there and make sure Henry knows that you're glad he's here." Max went back to put the popcorn in two bowls, one for Derrick and Henry and one for himself, while Derrick got out the diet sodas.


Florence said...

awwww :D Derek!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Awesome advice! :)

ivy's closet said...

Max is a good brother.

lucy and sarah said...

Poor Henry. I can see him pulling out all the stops..trying to find Derrick's interest. I hope Derrick is good to him.

meg said...

I hope Derrick will give Henry a chance.

Leslie Quiros said...

love the advice.. so true!