Monday, February 20, 2012

the possibilities

It was an accident, Finn supposed when they bumped into Willow and Jules one night at a film. They liked foreign films too. And they were the youngest couples there at the little theater that showed foreign films, a couple of times a month. Since then, they'd made a promise to either have dinner before or after, the show. It was good to have another couple to do things with. Besides, he'd always liked Jonah's sister.

"I dunno, still can't see Jonah on his own," Finn finally said. "I mean, I know its possible, but you know, he's so unpredictable." He looked at Doyle, hoping Doyle didn't think he had any notion of running away to London to find Jonah. He didn't, but he did still care about him. Jonah's well being.

"He did it before. Maybe that's where he belongs." Willow shrugged as she sipped her beer while they waited for the ribs to come they'd ordered. Jules never had barbecue. And they did know one of the best places in town.

"Its just maddening, though, you know," Doyle winced, getting in on the conversation. "He won't talk to you. Still."

"He talks to Jules, all the time." Willow turned to Jules who pursed his lips a little silly as if he didn't get it either. He drank his beer.

"Well, we have see." Jules finally said.

"A book?" Finn laughed. "What book?"

"Oh, he has these on going stories. Its about a beast. Nobody likes. He's lonely in the world. I'm pretty sure Jonah's writing about himself." Jules told them.

"And Jules is illustrating it." Willow nudged Jules. "And he won't let me see any of the pictures."

"Its private. Jonah would kill me, if he knew. He's not the easiest to please, you know..when it comes to art." Jules explained.

Finn smiled, remembering Jonah. Just the good times. Not his moody self.

"I dunno. If he's seeing this..this Gilly..still..and Gilly.if..he...gets this baby." Willow thought out loud. "Jonah will do something selfish. I know he will."

"Have a little faith in him, will you?" Jules put his arm around her and hugged her close. The food was coming.

Finn looked at Doyle. A baby. Everyone seemed to be growing around them in leaps and bounds. Maybe it was time for them to start thinking of being foster parents.


Yovani Turner said...

hey great post great blog
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Cafe Fashionista said...

Foster parenting is such a sweet gesture. :)

lucy and sarah said...

Its good to see Finn and Doyle out with Willow and Jules.

ivy's closet said...

I think Finn and Doyle would make great parents!

Aimee Victoria Long said...

Lovely idea, and can be so rewarding. Have a great day!

Leslie Quiros said...

great post girl!

meg said...

I like the idea that the four of them are doing couple things. It would be great for those two to be Foster parents.

Winnie said...

Wow foster parents huh? That would be an awesome thing!