Wednesday, March 28, 2012

a little bit closer now

Henry took the pressure off Josie and filled out the information on the computer at Target to get the baby on the gift registry.

"Don't looks so sad." He didn't get it. Why all the apprehension? It was something friends and relatives could find online for her baby. "It'll be fun. You'll see." He took the gun to zap the prices. "Think of it, as getting ready for a baby shower."

"But." She dragged her feet along, looking around as if she didn't like looking at baby stuff.

"What? You're wanting your grandmother to buy you the wrong thing? Its up to you, to find what you want for you and the baby. Think of the baby." He grinned as if he were seeing what the baby should have already, but it wasn't his baby. "You don't have to decide about everything. Just give it a try. Maybe, you'll feel better if..if Derrick were here." Perhaps, it was a little too soon.

"I dunno." She looked so lost. It was true, the Liz Lange maternity line was adorable, but they didn't exactly fit growing tummies, and he knew that it did not sit well with her when she put on a small, and she looked liked a fat sausage in it. And she didn't want an extra large. That alone had been a set back.

"Lets see, just a few little things. The big stuff can come later." He shrugged.

"No. I want the big stuff. That's really serious. I do need a crib. I will need one. Its just, I have a few blankets, already. Blankets I've made." She looked at him sadly.

"See, you know what you need. You can do this." He took her hand, and they walked to the cribs and strollers.

"Anything you like?" He saw a pretty white crib he loved.

"I want the black one." She pointed.

"All right." He zapped it. "See, nobody was harmed."

Finally she took the apparatus. Studied it, as if she was determined to know how it worked. She found a stroller she liked. It was one of the more expensive ones.

"Go ahead," he coaxed. "The worst that could happen, you won't get it. But you could. You never know."

She nodded, pointed and zapped.

"Feel better now?" He grinned. She smiled back.

"Its just, will Derrick really ever do anything like this, you know..with me.... and..and Topher?" She looked as if she'd already lost her boyfriend.

"How about we round them up tonight? And come back?" Henry shrugged.

"OK." Her smile was small, fading fast.

"We'll go out to dinner, and then tackle this." He told her. "But first, lets go to Walmart, see if anything you might need there." Maybe a new outfit for tonight.


Winnie said...

It must be difficult when it comes to buying maternity clothes and staying chic! Though it seems to be easier these days with places like Asos doing great maternity gear.

Cafe Fashionista said...

What a fun outing! :)

ivy's closet said...

Henry is good at this kind of thing.

lucy and sarah said...

Oh, the excitement. I hope this is what Josie needs.

Anonymous said...

He's a sweet friend.

caitlin and megan said...

I love that he's doing this with her.