Friday, April 27, 2012

kind of a memory

Topher wasn't even sure he could work today. He was flustered and perhaps confused. Why had he gone anywhere with Audrey? He brought her back to his place which was a bad idea, but he didn't really want to think about Josie, and all the grownup stuff that went with her predicament.

No, it was quaint to sit back with Audrey, who even remembered what he usually kept in the coffee can at the back of his cupboard. Yeah, she found some substance to roll into something that she could only make as sweet and possibly heavenly.

She told him he was just too stiff. He needed to relax. Throw in a few Bob Marley drinks and it was kind of like old times. They were few and far between, but always memorable.

"It wasn't that bad." He shrugged a moment later. "Actually, it was really good to see her, again."

"Wasn't she you're babysitter or something?" Willow's hands were on her hips. She was doing what Willow did best. Totally, the opposite of Audrey.

"No, she was never my babysitter. Stop saying that." Topher's face tensed.

"You, are going to see her, again? Aren't you?" Willow festered a frown.

"No. Maybe." Topher guessed she was still at his apartment. "She's really not that bad." Misunderstood, he kept thinking. He really loved her laugh. And she said she hadn't laughed in a long time. Come to think of it, he wasn't sure the last time he'd had a good laugh, either. Not quite like the one he had with Audrey.


Sara said...

It's good to see him happy, as long as he stays out of trouble!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Sounds like Topher has a little crush. :P

ivy's closet said...

He might be in over his head with Audrey.

lucy and sarah said...

Toph is in a bad way!

mazzy may said...

Topher and Audrey. Now that's a pair.

meg said...

I just don't know how good they'll be for each other.