Friday, April 20, 2012

not what it used to be

Josie wasn't all that impressed with the Teen Moms group. Needless to say the childcare that Henry spoke of was only 2 hours a day, in the morning. That was it.

She knew he meant well, but it was all so strange. It was as if she didn't fit in. Perhaps it was how they stared at her. At Henry. It was as if they were the odd ones. But there were cookies and punch. Henry was all grins. Only Josie hugged herself. Honestly, she didn't want to become one of them.

They sounded silly in this so called ritual of theirs. Concerns about  couponing, and what were the best strollers to have. Was your partner caring enough? Or maybe he wasn't even in the picture. One girl's partner was in jail. He was a bank robber. Another didn't even know the father of her baby.

It was like going to AA's she supposed. Although, she'd never gone to one of those meetings, either. Naturally, nothing was discreet.

"I don't want to ever go, again." She pouted, later.

"You sure? There's a picnic at the lake?" Henry breathed it all in. He was already chummy with some of the girls.

"I'm very sure." She eyeballed him. "I'm not like them. I don't want to be..."

"What makes, you, so special?" Now Henry hit a nerve as if she might be some sort of princess.

She gave him a soured look, and drove herself home. Little did she know what waited for her.

It was a surprise actually. Her Dad arrived and her mother was packing.

"What's going on?" Her mother didn't even mention she'd be going overseas.

"Changing of the guards, I suppose." Her dad shrugged as if it were nothing.

"OK." She looked at him blankly. "But what about that job of yours?" She was concerned. Had he been fired? Was he having troubles? It seemed she never saw him at his best. Usually, at his low points.

"I'm fine. I needed to clear a few things up." He told her as if he were here to save the day.

"Like what?" She looked at him as if this must be more than house cleaning. He didn't dare ask how she was or what she was doing these days.

"Lets sit down. I've got a few things to discuss with you and the baby." He was serious. It was the first time he'd ever mentioned the baby. And it wasn't until now that she understood the fact, there was a baby to worry about.


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caitlin and megan said...

I'm glad a real realization is coming to her.

Sara said...

Looks like she really does have a lot of people looking out for her :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

What a cliffhanger. :/

ivy's closet said...

Well, she did need to wake up about this. I have a feeling she was taking a lot for granted the situation.

lucy and sarah said...

Changes are abound..evidently.