Thursday, May 31, 2012


There was so much to see in London. Really, Willow didn't know where to start.

"This could take weeks." Of course, they didn't have weeks. But still it was good to get on a bus with Jules and take the tourist route to look at everything that went along with being a part of the Royals. It was the first time for Jules too, which she found hard to believe.

"But what I really want... is to meet your Mom and where you grew up." She was hyped on going by train to the village where his mother lived. Of course, he was so reluctant to even talk about the village near Bristol. A part of her wished they could have packed up Gilly and the baby to go with them. She felt he might be more insightful about Jules' early years. Jules was being so mysterious.

"No, I'm not." Jules sighed on their train ride ..about the mystery. "Its boring. Really." It felt the closer they got to his home, the more quiet he became.

"I'm not judging you." Willow promised. "I just want to know where you're from. Your family." Willow didn't understand. She could tell he wished he was back in the states. He didn't even want to walk the streets.

"Its just..its nothing, like ..where you're from." It seemed to be all he could gasp. Finally, he talked of all the little places he'd spent with his mum. She worked for people, when he was little. But then she tried to get back into the university and they'd lived in some not so pleasant places. "We lived with Ian and his Mum for awhile."

"I didn't know that." Willow understood why they were so close now.

Jules only shrugged. Will understood the boys were pretty much on their own. Evidently. But she didn't dare ask what that was like. He seemed a bit ashamed. She guessed. But she held his hand as if she'd somehow get him through this. Even if he looked so dreadful about the ordeal.

"But don't you want to see, your Mom?" Willow looked at Jules.

He only winced. She thought he might be crying. She hoped he was a little homesick.

Of course, no one was waiting for them at the train station. Willow thought that was odd.

"It isn't that far."  Jules found them a taxi. It was damp and rainy. There was a sad feeling about the day. Willow wished they'd stayed in London now.

"She has my great Aunt's place now." It was a thin row house. Below the more recent housing neighborhoods where the wide angular buildings stood like modern pillars.

He didn't knock, but let themselves in. It was an old place. The TV was on.

"Mum." Jules' mournful tone sounded like an alarm of some kind. Then someone peeked from the kitchen doorway. A teenage girl.

"What are you doing here?" Jules scowled.

Willow, sighed wondering if she were Collette.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Who is she? I'm very curious to know! :)

ivy's closet said...

I dunno if I'd be up to meeting someone's old girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

This is getting interesting.

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So intriguing!

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Veryy cool, such an interesting post.

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Hi Ellie,
I hope you're feeling better.
Yeah... I don't understand what this girl's role.
Tarah and the City

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Jules doesn't look too happy.

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