Tuesday, May 29, 2012

its happening

Something about Topher's music pumped Derrick up. It wasn't so much the sound, but the thought he could do so much better.

Hopefully, Topher would never know he and Henry were here, but as it was Henry was grinning from ear to ear, grooving to the music at the old gymnasium where Derrick used to play gigs when his older brother worked there. Derrick rolled his eyes and pulled Henry back in the crowd of kids. Still, Henry was moving. It was in his blood. The music took him other places.

Derrick knew for a fact that Henry liked to make out to Adam Ant music which was the last thing Derrick ever imagined. It had something to do with it being his mother's favorite album and he'd learned on the drums playing songs from the album, DERICK WEARS WHITE SOCKS.

"See, I knew I was supposed to be with a Derrick, even back then." Henry sighed in happiness about it the first time they made out to those 80's New Wave tunes that Derrick doubted most people from the 80's had never listened too.

As it was though, things were getting closer between them, too. Maybe it had to do with the fact that Derrick so wanted to have sex, but he kept putting it off for various reasons.

1. He felt like a criminal of some kind because he came awful close to jail time, due to Josie and the way her Dad felt about him.

2. Josie was going to have his baby. And he felt as if she wasn't having sex, then he shouldn't have sex, either.

3. The only person he'd ever had sex with was Ian. Which, he didn't think happened often enough, anyway. OK, there was that one time with someone, but it was a one time deal. Which went the same for Josie, too.

4. He might as well have been a reborn virgin. Granted, that didn't seem likely since he was going to be somebody's father. But he was thinking about some other world that didn't have to do with the opposite sex.

Maybe he should stop this urge to want to beat Topher at his game and just think of the possibilities with Henry. After all, a lot of touching went on when they showered earlier back at his place. Maybe they should go back and see what happened tonight. He wanted to stop thinking about reasons not to be with Henry. But maybe this was enough. He wanted it to be.

Just then he looked over to seem some tall guy bumping into Henry.

Derrick looked at Henry, wondering what that was about. The college guy was pretty friendly with Henry. Derrick could hardly stand it. Maybe this was their night after all to be together completely. Nobody was going to come between them.

Henry just smiled. "This is my brother, Aidan."

Derrick blinked. He didn't even know Henry had a brother. They all stepped out back in the freshness of what was left of the spring air.

"What are you doing here?' Henry punched his brother playfully.

"What are you doing here?" Aidan quizzed him right back with a playful punch in the arm too.

Derrick looked at the both of them. Yeap, definitely brothers. Aidan was older. He just hoped Henry didn't have to be a good little brother tonight. Derrick wanted him, all to himself.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Derrick always seems a little shady to me. :/

ivy's closet said...

Its nice to see Henry brother.

lucy and sarah said...

Cool, to see Aidan. Oh, that Derrick. What shall become of him??

Janneke said...

Super cute!

meg said...

Derrick is buying his time..it seems.

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Great reading! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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