Tuesday, May 15, 2012

off we go

Jules knew it for a fact now. He hated traveling. Maybe it was just the flying. No, it was all of it. Going to the airport early. The waiting. The questions. It was all so exhausting. A part of him wanted to piss them all off and have himself excused from the trip.

He would be just fine on his own. At home. And home wasn't where it used to be. Of course, he knew it would be lonely back at the flat without Willow. As it was she was squeezing his hand tight as she sat next to her mother.

Just when Jules thought he might drift off to wondering what might be happening back at the shop, Willow would give him a squeeze.

"Ow!" Jules shrank back in his seat. This was the worst trip possible. Having to be pleasant to her mother for the entire trip.

"When we get there, I hope we can take a few days to see where you grew up." Willow was suddenly in tune with him and not her mother.

"Why on earth for?" Jules winced as if he might be sick. Nausea was setting in. "That'll take hours. A train, at that." Jules didn't mean to scowl about it. "I'll just call me, Mum. She can come to the city."

"No, I want to see where you grew up." Willow assured him it would not be so awful.

Jules faked a laugh.

"We..will see.." He closed his eyes. He didn't want to go home.


ivy's closet said...

Oh, I stress about traveling too. I hope he can enjoy it somehow. It would be a bit of a downer to travel with her mother, but still..hopefully, he won't miss out on the opportunity of enjoying what might be on the horizon.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Poor Jules. :/

lucy and sarah said...

Maybe he'll get through this. It can't always be about him.

meg said...

Love this banner. This'll be a trip..for sure..for both of them.

simon and josh said...

I hope he has some fun.

skins again said...

I don't like traveling much, either.